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how too... turkey pieces

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I got 3 turkey legs and a 2 boneless breasts. How much salt too use when brining and for how long? How long should it smoke for and at what temp?
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I use an easy brine..
1 gal water
1 cup Kosher salt
1 cup sugar
Mix well, you can add any other spices you like also.
I usually add Onion and Garlic powder. You can add less salt if you like.
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Usually in the neighborhood of a cup Kosher per gallon. Be SURE to use KOSHER salt. Sounds like you'll need about a gallon to cover that anyway. Use Stainless, food grade plastic, or glass for brining, or even those mombo freezer ziplocks. make sure meat stays submerged in the brine..weight with a clean plate on top.

I also add some onion powder, ground rosemary, thyme and CBP. Might wanna toss in a half cup brown sugar if ya like a touch of sweet. I'd say a brine of 4-6 hours would be sufficient.

Cook to at least 145* <new rule!> in the center of the breast. As mentioned before, I go to about 170*. Cook at 250-350 range, higher end for crispy skin.

I MISTYPED!! Crap 165*!!!!
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Thanks guys I will try this method. This site is the best!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yer welcome- glad you think so, and keep coming back!
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Sigh BAD mistype folks... just wanted to bump this up and let ya all know. Worst part is AJ929RR is gone now and may not see this! ARRGGhHHH...I did send him a PM on it too.

165 165 165 165 165--- seee I can type it!

Crap. I feel bad. Someone negative me PDT_Armataz_01_02.gif
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Ah man rich you can kill off the new members!

I hope he get's the pm before he cooks it!
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I tried to email him, but he's not accepting. Asked the mods for help... dammit.
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Hey Rich:

I tried to e-mail him too as you asked but even as a moderator I can't see his e-mail address. I sent a PM to Jeff who might have the ability to. I'm not sure if providing a valid e-mail was a mandatory field when registering but I am guessing it is.

Don't feel too bad. When you are an active member who tries to help a lot of people like you do, mistakes will happen. No one is perfect and your intentions were good ones.
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You also typed that you usually go to 170, so he will probably cook it to that temp anyway since at 145 it will probably look very underdone, even to a new person.
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I DO so hope, ron. Sheesh killing newbies... I COULD be un-Knighted...or should be.
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Ron made a good point here!

I wouldn't worry too much Richtee, I don't believe your karma will let it happen!
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Thanks Glue.. I DO feel terrible.
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Jeff replied to my PM, gave me his e-mail and advised him of the mistake. If I get a reply back from him acknowledging it I will let you know. As Glued said, don't worry too much. Maybe just send the guy a few chunks of some smoked gouda as an apology, lol.
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Grin... I will do that! Thanks for the "cover my donkey" guys! And if ya do hear back, PLEASE let me know.

- A properly humbled Richtee
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????? turkey

LOL! so exactly how long, what temp., to cook 2 turkey breasts and 3 legs??????
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Rictee should be along soon!
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There is no exactly. it is done when internal temps says so. The split breast I did awhile back took around 3 hours.
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To 165 minimum... like I mentioned before, go to 170 typically. time don't matter, cook to temp. You do have a meat thermometer, right? Ya need one if not. Could be 3 hours could be 5 depends on your temps and meat. 170*! in the thick of the breast. Glad ya came back!
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See Rich, no harm no foul.
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