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And now the Brinkmann Smoke N Grill

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I notice that the Brinkmann Smoke N Grill differs from their All in One by having what appears to be a low-pressure burner and regulator and by heating a pan filled w lava rocks rather than using high-pressure to heat lava rocks on a grid.

I would appreciate any comments and observations concerning these differences. I am currently playing w my invention (see "Evaluating Brinkmann All-In-One Thread") and am heating lava rock on a grid w a high-pressure turkey fryer. It has grilled veggies, and I am sure it will work for burgers, steaks, etc. I have no illusions about smoking w it.

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Oops, got them backwards. Smoke N Grill uses low pressure on grid; All in One uses high pressure on a pan. See, I do need quite a bit of help!
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Can't really help on this, hang in there, someone will respond.
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Not sure what your asking but i would trash the whole thing and go buy a Weber kettle!!eek.gifcool.gif J/K
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Well, to each his own, but it doesn't require tremendous imagination to buy a Weber kettle.
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J/K means just kiddin bro!! Use your imagination and have fun with it!!PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Right on. It would be even more fun if some of you folks would like to share in it.
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Greazy - I wouldn't use lava rocks in the smokers the old grease will go bad and get moldly.

I'm not familuar with the use of the Smoke N Grill, but the All-In-One has the higher burner because it's also a turkey fryer and the Smoke N Grill is not. I do like the extra height you get using the turkey fryer as a stand on the All-In-One, it's easier on the back and I am short so it might be a PITB for a tall person to have to bend over all the time.

I'm not sure what you want to know ...
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Debi, thanks for your comments. I always enjoy your posts.

I concur completely w your obsns re height. I am, in fact, using the stand from a fish fryer that is a few inches higher than the stand that came w my turkey fryer for this exact reason.

I am not currently using lava rocks, but ceramic briquettes. This is only because I had the ceramics on hand and try to do my experiments "on the cheap" until I see how they are going to work out. I had planned to get some lava rocks to put over the ceramics. I was under the impression that burning grease on the rocks was what provided the flavoring.

As to what, specifically, I want to know; I want to know if anyone else has tried something similar. I want to cause people to think and share ideas. I want to stimulate curiosity and get others to try other wild ideas and share their experiences.

I am also intrigued by the differences between the two Brinkmann products and wonder why they would put lava rocks in a pan in one case and on a grate in another.

Mostly, however, this is fun and I like to share fun.
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Also provides those naaaasty aromatic hydrocarbons. Well, healthwise naaaasty. PAH's is what they call 'em technically. FYI.
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If those briquettes or rocks are in a pan, you could cover them with foil to keep the grease off of them. It would be on the same principle as sand in the water pan. They would release heat to stabilize the air temperature.
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