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Chile brine for turkey????

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Has anyone out there tried using chiles in their brine? I was thinking of cutting up some pasilla, anaheim and jalapeno to use in my brine this weekend.

Any thoughts?
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That'll be one spicy bird!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I can't see why it wouldn't work. I added some dried chiles to my brine a few weeks ago. It seemed to work but really didn't taste it since I did not add enough.
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Personally I think chilies have a better flavour when cooked. You might be better off poking some holes into the meat (under the skin, without breaking it) of your bird and shoving the chilies directly into the meat when it's cooking. I do this with roasts, and you get some great flavour.
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I can't make it too hot, my wife and boys won't eat it, if I do. They will be out of town for Thanksgiving. Maybe, I'll try a little in the brine this weekend and do another hotter one for T-Day, for me. If it works, it would be interesting to see what habaneros, chile tepin and chile pequin would do. Maybe a Southwest rub and some garlic & green chile mashed potatoes.
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Slice the chilis and put them in the cavity if it is a whole bird, just like you would with onions, celery, etc.
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Shawnr5, those chiles you mentioned are pretty hot and I'd watch the quantity you use, unless you already are comfortable with high heat. I've worked with habaneros and chile pequin, they are up there! Good luck on your brine, and do let us know how it turned out. I'm always interested in how chiles are used for flavoring and heat. Good Brining my friend!
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Ochie wow wa Shawn! You gonna need the fire department to put out the fire in your mouth with that much heat!
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I like the hot chiles. I use them whenever I use chiles. I very infrequently use jalapenos. When I mentioned the chiles and Southwest rub to my wife, she told me I'd need to get another turkey. I guess I'll have to get another turkey tonight. If it comes out good and the chiles impart the heat that they should, we can call it an 'Atom Thom.'
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