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alright smarty pants! remeber this a family site.

for all the members of SMF 101 is a bigger smarty pant's than I am.

This clown is is a friend of mine, well kinda We actually met @ academy.
I was looking at at smokers and so was he and well we got to talking.

he told me he was looking for a cheap offset untill he could build a new one. Told me the story of smokers and texas like he previously posted.

he seems to be a pretty good guy. Likes to joke and laugh alot.
keeps me entertained. I guess I'm just going to have to show him how to smoke meat now!
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You still never answered the question. LOL PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Boy I tell you what. If this darn smoker you talked me in to wasn't so small.
I would shove a beer can in your,,,,,,,,,,like a chicken and throw you in it and show a thing or three about smoking.
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Well speekin of smarty pants!!!!!!!!!!

No I'm Not a perve! sorry to let you down fatback!
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The only thing glued knows how to smoke is a camel! (I won't knock him for that) I wondered why you smoked wides! makes ya wonder huh?
I don't know fatbackjoe what do you think?
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I think what happens in Oklahoma, stays in Oklahoma.
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Welcome to the SMF! Can I have your autograph?? Ha Ha ...just kidding. I didn't know all them Oklahoma boys were that way,LOL
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If I'm not mistaken you smoke wides too! Full flavor at the that.(uh huh!)

stuffing beer cans, (uh huh) I don't know, makes me wonder.PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif

Thanks for joining Smf 101 I'll see ya Saturday.

for the Q cook out!
None of that funny stuff!
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I saw a movie once said only thing in Okalhoma was steers and ... well back to the ranch!
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