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OK I went back through this post and did not see a link to a recipe or the recipe listed. I wouldn't mind making some myself.
Heck while in the process does anyone have a good kimchi recipe?
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Here's one Vlap...makes about a quart...if you do not like it, you've only wasted a quart of cabbage instead of a big batch of cabbage.PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

1 large head of nappa cabbage
2 TBS salt
4 green onions with tops
1 large clove of garlic... minced
1 dried hot red chile pepper (about 2 inches long) crushed
1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger root
1 TBS salt

Cut the cabbage into 1" long by 1" wide pieces Sprinkle with the salt..mix it well and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.
Cut the green onions into match stick sized pieces.
Wash the salted cabbage in fresh cold water, add the remaining ingredients and cover with cool water.
Mix well, cover and let it sit for three or four days.
Taste it every day...when it is sharp enough or is acid enough, cover it and keep in the fridge.
It keeps for about 2 weeks in the fridge.
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sounds tasty!!! Thanks!
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Vlap, here is the one I've got fermenting:

5 lbs cabbage, finely shreded
3 TBS salt

Add the cabbage in layers into your crock or bucket, sprinkling some salt on each layer, and mashing it down a bit (I use a potato masher). The mashing and the salt help release water from the cabbage. Put a plate that just fits in the fermenter on top of the cabbage, and but a clean weight (I use a ziplock bag of water) on top of that. Cover with a clean dish towel to keep bugs and dust out, and put in somewhere cool. Below 70 is ideal, and below 75 is critical. Every few hours, press down on the plate to release more water. The water should cover the cabbage in about a day.
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You're welcome!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Final conclusions:

Yum! Steamed/Fried up some last night with some crumbled bacon and CBP...delicious!

just be sure to rinse well before's QUITE strong in the acid dep't.

Y'all were right... I may never buy it again, unless I run out!

About a week ago I got a bit nervous with the "crock" as it had some drying scum and bits of cabbage on the side. I poured the kraut into a big pot, rinsed, and packed into quart baggies, adding a pinch more Kosher, and squeezing all the moisture I could out. left them that way till last night...seems to have been a good thing to do :{)
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Did you buy a special crock for it? or will a tupperware container work?
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I used a food grade bucket, about 3 gallon.
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kewl... thanks...
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