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Hello from Nor Cal

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Hello all, I have been looking around here for a couple days
and have found lots of good info. I have a home made vertical
55 gal barrel a friend made into a smoker for me. Its kind of ghetto but it works well. All the neighborhood kids won’t stop coming around for BBQ. Then they go home and ask why there dad’s $1000+ propane grill can not out cook my 55 gal drum. I have also started learning the art of using Dutch Ovens. They sure make good cobblers.

This Saturday I will be smoking some cheese, and then some chicken. Then on Sunday some pork of some sort.
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Hey Mike, welcome to the forum. I've been interested in making a drum too. Just haven't found one locally. May have to end up buying a drum and giving it a try.
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Mike. welcome to SMF glad you found us.

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Hey Mike! Welcome! And PLEASE stop showing up the neighbors with that oil drum...Hahahahahaha... I SOOO love that!

I bet ya fit right in here :{)

Again, Welcome!
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Welcome to SMF, Mike! It sounds like you have a good start on your smoking addiction. icon_eek.gif This is a great place to learn more. The folks are friendly and ready to answer questions so don't be shy. Glad to have you with us.
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Welcome to the SMF Mike! Looking forward to your Qviews, also how about a picture of your barrel smoker? Sounds like something I'd like to make.smile.gif
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Welcome Mike, that Duramax logo, do you drive one?
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No warrenties, guarantees, or promises expressed or implied. IT'S ADVICE, Silly!

Cept for me, then its silly advice. eek.gificon_lol.gif
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Yes I drive a D-max icon_smile.gif How about you?
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Welcome Mike -

Sounds like your the Good Humor man of BBQ! Congrats!
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Welcome aboard the SMF.
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Welcome to the site, I would like to see some pics also.
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No sir, I'm smarter than I look. icon_lol.gif I drive a 92 Dodge with a cummins. And I love that old girl. I have 250 thousand miles on it. I pull a 24 ft goose neck with 20,000# on it, and still get 13 MPG loaded .PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif My son has a 2001. He has so much more HP than mine, its dis-heartining. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
We have two Kenworths out in the pasture, one has a 400 cummins, one has a V-8 detroit 318. (300 oil leaks, 18 HP). Give me an inline 6, anyday! You got a good PU though, I'm just razzin ya.
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Heh..c'mon now Terry, credit where its due. Yer a pleasure and a sharp shooter over a Q rig, smoke house, and sausage machine. Probably many other things that don't matter as much too... LOL!
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Welcome to the SMF. No need to apologize for thr smoker, what ever does the job. Read around, there is a wealth of info. here. Try and post some Q view when you have the chance. Good luck on your weekend smoke.
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Welcome to the SMF Duramax Mike......I was starting to think that you were into oil smoking with that name and the 55 gal drum and all....icon_lol.gif Seriously we would like some Q pictures and an invite to the neighborhood Q'sicon_lol.gif
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Welcome to the SMF Mike, nice UDS ya have there!! cool.gif
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Welcome to SMF! Glad to have you here!
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Welcome abord Mike, looking forward to your posts! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Well I'll be doggoned! Someone from my neck of the woods, welcome to the SMF Mike, great to have ya here.
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