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Question for the sausage pros

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I just bought a meat saw with a grinder attachment, getting to try my hand at making sausage. Since this is pretty new to me, I have a few questions.

The tube I have for both my grinders is relatively small, can I use them to make larger sausages such as a summer? Should i invest in a different sizes tubes?

post #2 of 15 can use the smaller tubes but it will harder to keep any air pockets from forming in your sausage and it will take longer to stuff your casings ....if you plan on making lots of larger size sausages such as summer....salami etc etc...then I think it would be a good investment to do so ...IMHO .
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Hey Jeff, bigger tubes sure make your work easier. If you can order some, great, if not, you can go to the hardware store and make your own. PVC or copper tubing, I have done both and at this moment, am doing a new set for a grinder my friend just gave me.
I did discover that when the meat was ground, spiced, and mixed, and ready to stuff, I took out the cutter knife and grinder plate, the meat kept the auger pressed back into the motor drive and it was VASTLY easier to make sausage. icon_biggrin.gif
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jts70,As just said, a larger tube will facilitate stuffing larger casings such as Salamies. What kind of sausage you looking to make? There are numerous types of casings out there IE: Natural,synthetic & colagen which is actually a natural product. When using Colagen for lets say Italian,polish, breakfast,a STRAIGHT not TAPERED sausage funnel will make it alot easier since Colagen has no give like pork & sheep casings.Good luck!! After stuffing your Salami, bre sure to pin ***** your casing before loading in the ole smoker
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Just my $.02 but I would not use copper. It is too reactive with the salt and spices we use not to mention some of the other ingredients. Plastic or stainless is the way to go.

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Hey Monty, I didn't realise that copper was bad. PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif I could see it if the meat was in contact with the tubes for a long period of time, but as quick as the stuffin process goes, well??? I hate to admit that I "MIGHT" be wrong. icon_razz.gifsmile.gif , Well, I have to admit, I made a mistake once, one time, I "thought" I was wrong, but I wasn't. tongue.gifwink.gif
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Please do not take offense. Copper is good for a lot of cooking processes like whipping up a merengue!

My preference, though, when processing meat, especially seasoned meat, is for stainless or plastic. Understand that is my "preference" and not a rule. That is why I prefaced my statement with the two cents thingy!

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Too late, I'm mad. tongue.giftongue.gifwink.gifsmile.gif
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Well, Terry, I am thrilled that you chose me to be mad at. Since we are such great friends and all I figure that if you respect me enough to be mad at me then I am truly a blessed person!

Thank you for the honor, dear friend!

Cheers! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Hey Monty, you did see the tounges, winks and smiles? I was just funnin you, I hope that I am missing something here, and that you don't truely think I was mad, or serious. confused.gif
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Just funnin' back!

I really have a great time with jokin' and smokin' and what better place to be?

Cheers, Brother!
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Thanks Monty, me too. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif I like to joke with people, I'm glad you took it as such. icon_smile.gif
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Jeff -

Try using things from around the house for really big sausages. For example cutting the end off a tall plastic drink tumbler works great for 2, and 4 inch sausages. PVC pipe with adapters for 4, and 6 inch sausages.

Now everything you see of cylindrical shape will look like a stuffing tube - rolleyes.gif
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Cool thanks Terry! I like doing things the easy and cheaper way
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As always you are just the best Debi!!
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