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ok, whats the smokie okie method, and throwing fat to the fire?? you seared it just a little? what temp did you go to? i cant wait till my hand is back in commission again!! I think this is my next thing to try, this and some bacon.

and Squeezy....how did you not know darlin?? oh, i see, you're Ca-Na-DEE-N......

xoxoxo all luv darlin wink.gif
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Ok Lisa the smokie okie method is normally used for brisket.


Here's mossymo searing a brisket.


Now as richtee pointed out, Chuck roast doean't have that fat cap.
in order to get the flame you need the fat falling into the fire.

Searing a little, Meant it wasn't completely black.

I took it up to 200.

Good luck!
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yup, this will be my next quest!!

thank you for the info!!
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Actually, I suggested he apply some rendered bacon grease or such to the meat. But apparently tossing some fat in worked too. I thought the fat on the meat would help with moistness down the road. I'm gonna give it a run one day... applying the grease and firing the meat, THEN applying the rub for smoking...
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Funny, I didn't see that on the Lunch menu. Missed again...
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That's OK love! ... perhaps you can tell everyone about 'prairie oysters' too! icon_wink.gif
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Thats going on next weekends menu. Thanks for the play by play.
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Ater yesterdays..............EXPERIMENT I am going with Glued tried and true today.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Dang! High of 74! A cold day! You probably put on a tee shirt to keep warm.
It's 16°F here with freezing rain and sleet, 20 mph wind.
Son, THAT'S a COLD day.

French dips look tasty though.
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Are you sure you're not a chef? Looks good and made me HUNGRY
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Vlaps post was from Nov. 8th. But yes mike that's FRIGGIN' COLD!

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Looks good

PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Glued that looks wonderful, thanks for the Q-view.
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76 here again today.
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29° here and raining! here's the pic of the smoker warming up.

Thats all steem! I havn't put any wood chunks in it yet icon_eek.gif

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My ac is running and yes... I did put on a tshirt to keep warm...
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Well I have my shorts on! Ha!

(but I'm wrapped in a blanket)
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Yep, It is even cooling off in Southwest Texas. I am ready for it. The mesquite leaves are still on the trees, and that is making it hard to see the deer.
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thank God, I was starting to drool profusely. icon_rolleyes.gificon_redface.gif
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Nothing worse than a gloating goat! icon_razz.gif
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Im not wearing shorts... PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

It was hot yesterday.
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