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Hello from Dr.Ken

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I am from Oklahoma and an avid "smoker" of briskets. I use 1, 2, or 3 smokers I have in my backyard depending onthe size of crew I need to feed. I recently went through 120lbs of brisket at my daughter's cheerleading gym---cheerleaders eat alot of brisket! I also have an event next weekend where I feed about 200 cheer coaches and they request it when they are in OKC. I am starting a new internet BBQ business so I will have many questions. I use only pecan wood and smoke my briskets for 24-hours....I have been told for years to start a brisket business and finally am venturing out. Any advice would definately be appreciated!!!
Thanks for a forum like this as I did not know such a site existed....have a great day! Ken
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Good luck on your venture! We're glad you're here.
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Good luck. I am sure you will find tons of useful information here as I have.
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welcome to the SMF....good luck with ur venture
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Welcome to SMF, Dr. Ken! I look forward to hearing more about briskets from you and seeing pictures of how you do it. Glad to have you with us.
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Welcome Dr. Ken, glad you found us! Looking forward to your posts! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome to SMF Dr. Ken! Keep reading, all the advice it out there...unless you have a specific question? I did notice the 24 hour thing. There may be no need to do so. You do have a good quality digital meat thermometer, right? When that brisket hits the 180's- it's done for slicing. Sounds like you might be pulling it, or at least having a hard time with the slicing? Or you run your smoker quite low in temp?
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Welcome Dr Ken. Can't wait to see some Q pics of your briskets. Enjoy
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Welcome aboard the SMF, good luck.
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Welcome to the SMF, lookin forward to some Q-View.
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Welcome to SMF Dr Ken.... hope to see some Q-View from you soon.
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Welcome to smf. I am about ready to try my first brisket I hope this Sat. and looking forward to it.Best of luck on your venture in bussiness.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Good luck and welcome aboard
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Welcome to the SMF.smile.gif
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Hey Dr. Ken , welcome aboard.
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Welcome to SMF! Another okie!

WE'RE MULTIPLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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welcome to the SMF. i also noticed the 24-hour smoke. you must be smoking those big packers. i always try to get 10-lbs and under packers. most of us here go by temp, not time, for smoking our meat. except ribs that is.
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Welcome aboard...Below is a link to a post from one of our members who recently opened a BBQ restaurant. There is A LOT of information about the pain of finding a location and the permits and refurbishing once he found it. I'm sure you'll find at least some useful information in there...

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welcome Dr. Ken i have this rash and it's real icky andicon_redface.gif nevermind. welcome to SMF.

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WoW - A Newbe who can give some of us starters some tips!

Good luck!!!
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