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I did a little research on this cut. It's called a "flanken style cut". These are always available at my local Sam's. I love beef ribs, so it's worth experimenting. Plus, with this package I got a great deal. Google it and get a lot of info. Articulation:
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I know I am not answering your question, but it brought up one of my own. So please forgive me.

I have done these babies a couple of times lately. Look was great. Taste was great. Only problem was that darned 1/8 inch to 3/16 inch fat layer on each one. No matter how long or low and slow I went, it never went away. I just could not cook it off. My results were very tender and tasty meat, but when eating, I had to deal with all that fat.

Maybe I should have actually trimmed it somehow, but man, what a PIA to trim each rib.. There must be a better way!!

Any suggestions?

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Simple ... send the fat to me! smile.gif
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Come on Squeez, you gotta be a little more helpful than that!

I will be glad to send it to you. You just have to help me get the darned stuff off, first.

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Skip -

That's the bad part about beef - tastes good but the fat doesn't render away like pork does. I hate fat!

I went to lunch with my boy today to check out this new BBQ place about 20 minutes down the road. They had a good menu and boasted of "smoked BBQ." I looked all around this tiny take out nly joint and didn't see anything that resembled a smoker, but people at work were telling me this place was really good - so what they heck!

I ordered burnt ends, my boy ordered ribs (which was like a pulled pork), and Jessie ordered Carolina chicken. We had it covered. The burnt ends looked really good, great bark but were covered in a thick sweet tomato BBQ sauce. Almost half was fat covered with sauce hiding under a thin layer of bark - I gagged several times. There was no smoky favor at all. It was fork tender but the fat just doesn't go away unless to trim it off with a knife!
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OK ... I'll just chew it off and send the bones back! PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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Ah gee mom! ... pork fat rules but, beef is still pretty good
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Ok Squeez. I'll just knaw it off and spit in a bag and send it to you. LOL

I really do like those little buggers, but would like to find the solution, I would do them more often. When braised, it is a lot easier than when smoking, that's for sure.

And Debi, I hear ya. That is sort of the situation I find myself in. If only I lived a little closer to old Squeez, he could take care of all this for me. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

OK, going back into my cave now.

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No ... you see that was my job!
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I'll probably trim it off, and at least once put up with the PIA, just for experimentation purposes. G'night all...
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So, how much a lb do they want for these things?
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