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American Gourmet

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I notice a Charbroil "American Gourmet" offset smoker at
WallyWorld. Wouldn't it be an absolute nightmare to try to maintain temp in something so small? Do wish I had one of the cute little fireboxes, however, should be just the ticket to make smoke for my Smoke Vault.
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The thickness of the steel is another huge consideration.

At our local wally world, there is a pallet of smokers that are unmarked. They say Royal Oak on them and claim to be designed by the founders of Oklahoma Joe's smokers. They look to be pretty heavy duty from the pictures. Anyone know anything about them?
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I looked at one of those on the floor one time, and it did not seem as well made as the advertisement would suggest.
I wouldn't buy one.
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This is what I use. It was free so i'm not complaining at all. I did have trouble at first controlling temps but i have it figured out now. I start it with a bed of red hot lump then add 1 stick of soaked apple wood about every hour or so. (give or take 10 min).I have the intake damper and chimney all the way open. It stays right around 200-250. Like I said it was free so I'm not complaining. It will hold 2 racks of baby backs at a time. or 1 rack of spares. 244 sq in of cooking space. I am looking to get a bigger one later this year. prolly the char-griller smokin pro. 830 sq inchs PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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Greasy -

What kind of problem are you having with the smoke vault?
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If it's just a firebox ya need, go to HD and grab one from a Chargriller, they sell them seperately and you may be able to get one this time of year for about $50.00!
If ya really want an off-set, i think the Chargriller is a much better unit than the lil Char Broil!! Cheaper i think also.....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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