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Source for RO Lump!

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I have searched high and low around here for RO lump charcoal, with no success... until now! There is a hardware store chain called "Do It Best", and there happens to be one located a couple of miles from my house. They don't stock it in the store, but will order it, either by calling them direct or ordering from the website, where it can be shipped to the store of your choice.

Anywho, 20 lb bags @ $13 a pop... not the cheapest price I've heard, but it's the only game in town. I'll have 4 bags tomorrow. icon_mrgreen.gif
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I get my Royal Oak Lump at WalMart. The Brazilia is the best, high burn time and very low ash.
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Thanks for the info, I have one close by, i'll have to try some out.
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I get mine at Gordon Food Service. I don't know if it is a nationwide chain, or just hear in the midwest. $10.49 a 20 lb bag It is from the USA though. Make sure you don't get the stuff from Argentina.
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Amen! The other stuff is good.
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As I strolled through our local WalMart's garden center this past weekend I spied not one, but two full unwrapped pallets of RO lump with 4 individual bags on top. At $9.95 a bag I slipped the lady 2 crisp 20's and when I left there were just the 2 full pallets.
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Please tell me this is it...

This is what is pictured on the website:

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Yes that's it! This is the stuff made in the good ol' US of A.
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If you are ever in doubt when you find some in the stores, just check the side of the bag. Stay away from the stuff from Argentina.
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My local Wally still has it for $5.95
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Fatback Joe... thanks for the link to the charcoal reviews. I found the stuff that I used and had the huge fire sparkler coming out of my charcoal starter.

That stuff is really dangerous. I'm gonna start looking for something else.
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Can't find Roayll Oak around here at all! icon_sad.gif Kingsford or a store brand is about all I can find.
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Mine, too, sparks quite a bit. I have to keep a close eye on it, and keep children and pets away. It does, however, give me the best performance of any charcoal I've found. Our 10# bags are a little over $5.00 each around here, if I remember correctly.
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I picked up four more bags a few weeks ago. Double bags shrink wrapped for $12.97. I had a feeling something weird was going on. Good thing too our Wally World had no more charcoal yesterday. Just Chrsitmas stuff. Their getting very unreliable for stuff. Still have 3 bags of that darned Cowboy lump too from Lowes and 2 Kingfords. I should make it through the holidays.
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GFS and RO

I called my Local Gordons food Service and the too have RO limp for $10.49 a bag... Must be a chain price...
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Hey Bunky, what city in Mich do ya live in. I don't recognize the zip code!

The GFS store seems to keep them all winter long too. I often have to sort through the bags, or ask about any in back to get a nice full/uncrushed or unopened one in the winter.
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The guy I spoke to said he can get it for me year round... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The Zip code is Battle Creek But I live north of Bedford...icon_smile.gif
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