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Chicken in the toy electric smoker

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I will post q view on the poultry forum when the smoke is complete.

This is a good test for the rival KC smoker because it is windy and quite cool outside for florida. around 55 degrees.
As usual we are using a method described by Deb. So far her recipes and methods have produced excellent results.
It seems that this little contraption is all we need if it continues to work well.
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I just went out and checked the temperature of the smoker. It was at 400 so i bled off some heat by opening the top a few times. Then I fiddled with the thermostat controll till i got the thing to maintain 300.
I am learning that it is imperative that we have a way of monitoring rhe temperature other than the controll or thermometer attached to a unit.
Perhaps on high end units the thermometers are accurate..
I am using a analog 12 inch thermometer that i calibrated with ice and boiling water so it is close i guess.

I have found that i must check the temperature a few times to keep it in the desired range.
I would never make it as a stick or charcoal burner.eek.gif
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I modified the recipe a little bit. We are not into crazy hot stuff. So I substituted Cayenne pepper with poultry seasoning.
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Sounds like it going well. Rockey, I too use poultry seasoning.
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I was trying too hard to maintain 300 degrees and ended up with 250 most of the time. The chicken cooked but didnt start to brown till i turned the temp up to 350.
The internal went to 178 and it was just starting to brown. We will brown it in the oven and next time ill start out hotter and then reduce if the thing browns properly.
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I don't eat the skin so brown's not important. That's why I keep my temps at 211* - 215*
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The recipe advised us that poultry does not benefit by slow or low smoking. It says to crank the heat right up to 350 degrees F. The chicken cooked fast enough internally, but doesn't look golden brown and healthy to eat on the outside. We are going to try it again tomorrow. There's another chicken soaking in the brine as I type.PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif Meantime, this one is in the 400 degrees F. oven until it browns satisfactorily enough for me.
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It tasted good and i look foreward to another try tomorrow.
Jim I remember you telling me about the way you smoke chicken.
I like the brown look just for displaying the results to guests.
I'm not really exited about smoking chicken any way.
The bacon and pastrami got me hooked. .
We are getting the garage freezer ready for a defrost and are cooking things as they come out till its empty.
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