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Whole meat jerky Q-View

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Just finished...yumm!

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How did the taste test go??
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I gotta make me some jerky now (MMMMMmmmmm Jerky)
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Now that looks mighty fine. Wish I had the time.
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Rich what kind of meat to you use for jerky? That Q-View makes me want to do some jerky.
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really good batch, Goat. Increased the CBP and Smitty's a bit for a nice slow heat... good moisture content too. Practicing up for venison season!
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That's a whole beef round I clean and cut up, Mike. Cured for 24, then smoked about 3-4 hours at maybe 110*, finished in my "modded" Jennair oven
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Now you know we can't let that one get by without asking for more info!icon_eek.gif

Jerky looks fantastic!
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LOL! Figured as much! OK: I make a tinfoil "hood" that I place over the stovetop downdraft fan, and tuck it into the top of the oven door, held slightly open by the wooden spoon ya see there <just the handle.> That spoon keeps the door slightly open AND depresses the oven door switch, turning off the oven light, AND allows the convection <internal fan> feature to operate. I set the oven for about 125*, turn on the downdraft and away she goes. Great dehydrator!

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Richtee, you are one creative cook! That's quite a set up you rigged. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Brokeness, along with neccessity, are the Mothers of invention ;{)
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Now thats using your noodle. It's good to know I'm not the only one that does those kinds of things lol.icon_lol.gif
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Hi Richtee,
Would you mind sharing your cure with us???
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I've got two round roasts in the freezer I got on sale, might have to break them out and do some jerky this weekend.
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I really don't have a set recipe, Wilson. I use a slightly reduced TQ amount for curing then called for. This batch was 5.5 lbs and I used 4.5 tbsp of cure. The rest is Kosher, soy sauce, wine, and cumin-onion-garlic powders and CBP. Sometimes Smitty's hot pepper mix, some times a shot of wine vinegar... sometimes... Mustard.... heh!
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Thanks for the info.
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