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Question about Coal amount

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I smoked for about 8 hours on Sunday and went through about 12 to 14lbs of coal. I used half lump and half charcoal. Is this about right? Or should it be more or less?
I was using the Silver smoker. SFB vent open about an 1/8 and Stack vent open all the way to maintain 230*
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That's not to bad, are you using a charcoal basket?
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No I am not using a basket haven't gotten around to getting the stuff to fabricate one yet. Just the standard grate and firebox. I did do the other mods though, ie...heatshield/deflector, smokestack, plates. Also stole a water ban from one of my ecbs to use.
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If you haven't already, raise up your firegrate to allow more airflow underneath, then search "minion method" for stacking your charcoal, you'll get maximum burn time doing these 2 thing's wink.gif
8 hrs is still a good burn time!!
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If I'm not a better boy, I'm gonna get coal for Christmas.
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LoL! Yeah , Yeah.

Bubba I am working on a way to get some more clearance in the firebox. As of right now I have over 4" I believe. I haven't measured. Tried turing to grate sideways and to me that lifted it way to much.
I am familiar with the minion method and that is what I was using. I had coals in ready and waiting for the hot ones to go on. I only did that intial start up and never added anything throughout the day. Just made adjustments to the vents for airflow to maintain the right temp. To me this was pretty good. When I was done cooking only had about 3 or 4 small coals still glowing and the rest was ash. Was just wondering if it could have been done with less fuel or if this was a normal amount. Still getting used to using this thing.
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Sound's like you got it runnin pretty good!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Wait till you get a basket, it'll do even better!!
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Thanks Bubbaicon_mrgreen.gif Here it is as it was smoking. You see I have 3 thermometers on it all reading different temps. I use to right lower one.
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ds7662, try measuring and drilling 4 holes (2 per side) were you want the grate to be. Then just put in screws and bolts. Put your grate on the screws.
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I think I will give that a shot. Thanks.
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