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Fiddler252, Nice job on designing your cold smoker. I wish you a lot of success. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Not to sound like I'm complaining or yelling but:
There is nothing wrong with using something like this, It is no different then using a BBQ Guru or some other device to maintain a constent smoke at a desired temperature. I give a lot of credit to Porky Pa for coming up with the idea and marketing it.
Good for him, and good for Us that he is Member of this forum!
Good Que to all of you,
Peace, Love and Hickory Smoke.
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I'm not bustin' any err...chops here. I just have serious doubts on the smoke quality. After all...that's just about EXACTLY how they make lump. All those gasses are burnt off the raw wood. My 2% of a dollar.
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No offence taken here.
I will say Richtee, that I when I use pellets in my smoke box on my GOSM Gasser, I do end up with teeny tiny lump charcoal. so maybe you are on to something.............but what do I know............I can barely walk erect, or walk and chew gum for that matter.

Oh and by the way, Who are the Red Wings????? icon_mrgreen.gif

I talked to Stanley he said something about going to the City of Brotherly Love this year........Go Flyers
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OK some aluminum tubing and some fence caps.
aquarium pump and propane torch accessory.

UMMMM? PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif

I don't think you control the smoke as to be thin n blue.
looks like a PIA to me.

I think this product was designedvfor people that don't know any better.
Playing on ignorance is a good marketing strategy though.
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Eh, The Broad Street Bullies got nuthin' on the undisputed puck handling experts in the league. Have not you heard? Beating up your opponents is no longer allowed! ;{)
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All due respect to the naysayers, as you could be right, but I think it's worth playing with. If is doesn't make me happy, no big deal, aluminum pipe isn't that expensive. I'm sure I can find something else to use it for. Smoking food tech may not evolve quickly, but it does evolve. Different strokes for differnt folks. I think blasting it before actually using it isn't very fair.

And, as for the smoke volume, there are valves for aquarium tubing that can bleed off pressure, so that could be controlled. With a little controll over oxygen, it's not any different in principle from using wood in a remote fire box. It's just compact.

Again, not trying to rain on anyones parade. If you don't like the idea, cool enough, but I think innovation is worth a look.

My $0.02
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Agreed. Few folks try as much "different" stuff than me! I just only mention the ones that work.. redface.gif
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I hope you don't approach everything in life with a glass is half empty outlook. Nobody on this forum, except for the creator, has tried this. Why knock something you haven't tried?

Keep in mind that this is the forum that tells people to rub Miracle Whip on their turkeys before cooking. This forum tells people to take a hypodermic needle and inject it into your bird. This forum tells people to take an old freezer and with a few mods you too, can create a great brisket.

I don't believe that this forum should ever be about shooting something down before you've even tried it. From my little time here, I have learned that most here encourage you to try new things as the main objective remains the same.......to be outdoors doing something you love.

At least that's why I am here.

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Yes injecting your meat has a great outcome being beef , pork and poultry.
I do it all the time.
Yes freezers to make good smokers as do allot of things.
I haven't tried the mayo but it seems sound.

Why your taking my opinion so personal, I have no idea.

Like I explained before I felt controlling the smoke would be too difficult.
The pia statement was based on the fact of having to hold a propane torch to get it to smoke seems troublesome. Not to mention holding it to a cast aluminum fence cap.

There are so many reliable way to produce smoke and everybody finds what works for them. To each is own.

Now I appologise That I didn't elaborate my opinion to way that didn't seem so harsh. In the future I will try to carefull not to hurt anyone's feelings.

I guess what I'm to say is I feel That there would be a better alternatvie
to produce the smoke as per your setup in wich I would glady help you.

like my signature say's don't be afraid to try something new and I belive in that.

I also believe just because it's new doesn't mean you have try it either. kinda like evertime windows comes out with a new operating system LOL!
( the last lines a joke in case I didn't elaberate)

P.S the smiley was based on the marketing scheme. I wasn't trying to say you were crazy.
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Trust me, there was no offense taken on my part. They don't call me Griz for nothing!

With that said, your last post was really no better than the first as far as I am concerned. It's awfully easy to sit back and speak negative opinions about something that you've not tried. I will have a whole $40 in this setup when I am done so if it does not work then I'm not out much. But, I will be a bit wiser and hopefully will be able to better grasp the path I need to take to achieve my goals of producing a great product for my family.

It's funny, I still remember seeing those vacuum robots on the internet. Who in their right mind would buy a robot to vacuum their house? That was a few years back and according to an article I just read, these things have made that guy millions and has a huge following.

Anyways, it's easy to take the intent of someone's post out of context when you're reading it vs hearing it in person. With that said, I will assume the comment about a "marketing scheme" was meant in jest and that you were not serious that him selling these on eBay was done with malice as a "scheme" would infer. The last I checked, the feedback he had on these was flawless hence my reason to try one.

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Last comment

I'm sorry I don't agree with you.
It's my opinion will continue to voice it however I see fit.

I've never tried jumping off a 20 story building head first.
I will sit back and speak negatively against that as well.
I'm defiantly not going to try it either. It's not praticle.

If you want to try go ahead that's your right.

As far as the people you left feedback probably haven't had anything but liquid smoke. who knows.

Personally I could smoke with a coffee can and five gallon bucket and still produce High quality meat and thin blue smoke.
( I said scheme not scam)

This is my last and final comment on this issue!
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We will agree to disagree then. I choose to take the high road and try to see the good in others. Call it a glass half full lifestyle. I still can't fathom your response over something you've not tried but I digress.....

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Well It looks like I got the smoke experts attention. Look I came up with this idea one day and I thought it worked pretty well so I decided to see if any one else would like it so I built 5 and put them on ebay. Since then I can hardly keep up with orders. I have been selling quit a few overseas also. I think we all know that smoking meet is an art and it takes some getting used to with the brining and cures that are used Plus the time that is spent tending a smoker. This is a simple inexpensive device to generate smoke for the weekend BBQer ,but can be used by someone that is more serious also. I have been having fun making them and try out new ways to use it plus all the attention it has been receiving. Thanks for all the input
Fiddler AKA Porky Pa
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It looks like a fun project. Thanks for sharing. I love gadgets. Since I'm a metal geek, I'll probibly make my own, but it looks like a good idea.
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Ya know this all makes perfect sense to me. Hell I have a fridge I'm building a smoker out of. I use a hypo to inject my birds and brisket for corned beef. And the Mayo on the bird was my suggestion to start with, so that's three out of three.

Now I'm looking at this chunk of chain link fence post and pipe nipple and thinking "that looks pretty cute". I normally run a NBB offset stick-burner so I guess I qualify as someone who is doing it right, or at least doing it the hard way as compared to a propane fired bullet smoker.

But hell I'll try anything and I cut my teeth on a half dozen "Little Chiefs" and there aint nothing much worse than that for smoking something. Crappy little heater element in a tin box with a pan full of sawdust. And I used pellets in those thinks thinking I was breaking new ground! This chunk of pipe full of pellets hooked to a trash can can't be any worse than that was. Not the thin blue for sure, but for jerky it might be alright.

It seems like maybe this is cheap or cheating but I also like to tinker and try new things. I won't be buying this gadget I have enough scrap stainless steel lying around to cobb something together and try out the idea though. I'll just set a slow bleed off the compressor tank too, who need an aquarium pump? What would it hurt to try a batch of jerky or a side of bacon "smoked" this way for chuckles? If it doesn't work well hell I needed a new trash can anyway.
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Hey Fiddler252, I see in your hobbies that you make homade sausage. Do you use this for cold smoking the cured sausage, and do you think it produces good results?
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I can't seem to get this thing out of my mind because in essence I can't see how this is mechanically any different than say a Bradley Smoke Generator. Or how about the Stumps Smoker which has a gravity feed for the smoke fuel?

The main drawback that everyone mentioned was creosote formation. And that sounds like it might be a real concern. Then I had this wild idea born of the 70s!
If the smoke is produced inside a sealed metal container and pressurized air is being fed to the "burn" to force the smoke out through the delivery pipe which is still under pressure, why not bubble it through water? Sort of a big hookah system, or maybe a meat bong? Well you get the idea. Has anyone ever tried something like that? It could certainly be used to control the temperature of the smoke delivered to the chamber, and remove tar and creosote too. The question is would it remove some of the components desirable for smoking meat too? Has anyone ever heard of it being done? Maybe it's a dumb idea but I like the temperature control aspect of it.

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Hey Griz, I brought this up a while back and got a lot of "interesting" comments too....mostly negative. But I'm like you....if it works great, if not so what. Let me know how it does work...I'll buy one if you end up liking it.
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Hmmm meat bong.... I gotta work on that! Jim... maybe fill the water tube with smallish glass beads to break up the smoke for more efficient 'scrubbing". Hmmm Nooooo....no more projects///ARRRGHHHH!
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Mine actually arrived today but I did not get a chance to swing by and pick it up. I will have it installed over the weekend and do my first official pork butt with it. I'll be sure to keep everyone informed!

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