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Why No Smokin' here

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You might be wondering why I haven't posted anything to do with smokin', so here it is. Our house is in the later part of escow and we are still house hunting. Most of out time is being spent packing stuff up and/or house hunting. Once we find an settle in another home, I'll be ordering a GOSM Big Block and startin' the learnin' curve. In the meantime, I'm enjoying reading about all YOUR smokes!
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Can't wait to see you back in the smoke with a brand new toy. Moving is a pain .. try not to kill yourself in the process.
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Good luck with your house hunting and the move.
Hope you find one
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Man, I don't envy you on the house hunting and moving.........but atleast there is smoke at the end of the tunnel. wink.gif
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Good luck with your search... looking forward to your first smoke in the new casa!
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Well Rich as long as your moving, why don't you just come back to Montana? icon_smile.gif
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I feel your pain. I moved three times in the last five years. My most recent house, which we moved into in August, is merely an oversized coffin, because they are going to bury me here. I will NEVER move again.
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Terry, I'd love to go back to Montana for good, but my wife and mother-in-law couldn't handle it, the're just too cityfied.

Flyboys, If I had my choice, I would light a match and start over.

PigCicles, the only thing that is killing me, it having to wait for my new smoker.
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Hey, Rich!

Best of luck in all of this! In my younger days when I was buying up rental properties I moved my family in till the renovations were done then looked for another one and started over. Got sick of that and so did the family!

I own this nice little spot outright and plan on never moving again! Got all I need...huntiing from the front and back porches, great fishing just a few minutes up the road and very few neighbors, all of which are of a like mind!!
Can't get any better!

Good luck on your hunt and may you bag a great one!

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Moving is a PITA even if all you have to do is stand back and let someone else do all the work. I was transferred 9 times in 35 years with the railroad from Oregon to Nebraska and several points in between.

Only once did I have to move myself and that was a nightmare.

Good luck in your move...
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Good Luck Richoso! I hate moving but it's good to do once in awhile - that's when I find all my secret hiding places again!
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Good luck on house hunting and moving! Are you looking at a short move or a long distance one?
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A lot of tension and stress, but with luck it will be over soon. Hang in there and it will all work out.

Try not to let it get to you.

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[quote=richoso1;111402]Terry, I'd love to go back to Montana for good, but my wife and mother-in-law couldn't handle it, the're just too cityfied.

Yes sir, I hear ya. But you know Rich, you can't believe how Kalispell has grown, different world. icon_rolleyes.gif If you ever do get back this way, my place is yours. icon_smile.gif I would love to see you. biggrin.gif
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