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You have to look around, sometimes on the top shelve's, it's there, they just hide it. that's where i found it and that was summer!!PDT_Armataz_01_02.gif
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Well, I finally found some of the Cowboy brand on my trip up to NC this year. Bought two bags and must say, not that impressed. Burns too fast and does pop, plus pieces are too small as others stated. Right now I will stick with Kingsford. Gets hot enough and last for a good time. With the mods I did, ash is not so much of a problems.
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In my BGE, I typically use Royal Oak or the BGE lump, which is made by Royal Oak. In my Weber kettles, I usually just use Kingsford.

As soon as I can find some, I want to try the hardwood briquettes.
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About that Rancher and Home Depot ...

I almost slugged a young pup at Home Depot the other day. I was looking for Rancher lump and couldn't find anything but Cowboy and this kid all of about 20 comes in to show me where it was ...

-He gives me the stupid woman look but I shrug it off and he walks into the grill dept. grabs a bag of Cowboy lump and says "Here, where's you husband?" icon_neutral.gif

-I looked behind me and said "What?" PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

- He says "Where's your husband?" Scowls and says "Who the... hesitates and finishes "Is gonna use it?"

- I'm getting a little P.O.ed and said "Me! - but that's the wrong stuff.

- He gives me that dumb woman look again, puts his hand on his hips and says "Lady I'm busy - Where's your husband?"

- I carefully counted to 10 and I repeated "THAT"S the wrong stuff! THAT'S Cowboy brand I asked for Rancher Brand icon_mad.gif

- Now I'm getting really agrivated thinking I'd love to drop kick this cocky arrogant young putz! But I'll behave act my age and try to reason with this idiot. icon_mad.gif

- So finally the idiot says "Lady go get your husband - he'll know what he's looking for - I don't have time for this!"

- Okay last straw flames are flying! icon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gif

- I grabbed the young pustz by the shirt collar and say "Listen you ignorant, young putz don't you DARE talk down to me! Now I'm thumping his chest with my finger "I was working with hardware while you were still Peein (I didn't say peein) in your pants waiting for your Mama to come clean that arrogant wothless butt (I didn't say butt either) of yours! I KNOW what I Want! YOU do not know how to listen! Besides that I'm the one in my house the does the grilling and smoking and who the heck (I didn't say heck) are you to suggest I can't?"

About that time a little elderly lady and her husband start clapping followed by a few other customers who apparently decided watching this little 5 footer take on this young 6+ footer might be fun. Apparently he had gotten to each one of them at one point and I never saw them come upbehind me. icon_redface.gif

Now the store manage comes up and asks what's going on. All the people gathered said the boy was giving me a hard time and had done the same to them but I stood up to the boy.

The kid saya I attacked him. The people say they didn't see anything like that I just gave him a what for and the manager looks down at me and up at him and hawls the boy off to the back. Ten minutes later the whole group is still talking and we see the boy leave. icon_mrgreen.gif

The point is they don't sell Rancher at our Home Depots up here only Cowboy.
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icon_mrgreen.gif So you destroy his career and now he is flipping burgers at Micky D's. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Good Job Deb.My wwife decided we have to go shopping tomorrow.So I am going to check around Menards, Home Depot and FleetFarm, walmart.I am a fan of Grove lump.Been using it in the clone since she started breathin.I have used over 20 bags so far and have been happy.I am going to look for some rancher for the drum.I was able to cook with a new freind on friday at his home and thought that in his WSM the rancher did well.
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I was point toward Royal Oak and fell n love with it. They carry it at Gordon's Food Service for those around the Michigan area. They have it on the middle end caps.
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Give 'em hell Deb.....I would have LOVED to have seen the expression on that punks face as you were getting in his face . PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif

I'm getting low on my Rancher supply....only 3 bags left. I hope they get more soon. Has anyone heard if more supply will be coming? Even at the "regular" price of $4.99 it's a DEAL.

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DJD, you made me spit coffee all over my keyboard. I was loving it. Keep up the good work.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Heh. Masteress of the understatement! Beautiful post! POINTS!
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hey i cook outside whether it is 9 degrees or 90

wtg Deb, we have so many arrogant punks working at the HD close to us as well....

bubba how many bags do u have left and where are they stored?PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

i prefer the Rancher, got a few bags this summer, i get good heat control with them, a little bit of ash but worth it with only paying 2.99 a bag for it
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