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NoContest.....I'll be right over!icon_smile.gif
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Sure, soon as someone posts a picture of their sausage !!!
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Did you see it? Heck yea, I'll be right over.icon_biggrin.gif
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Here is a recipe that is a must do for venison:
Summer sausage;

6# Ground Venison
1-1/2 TBL pepper
3 TBL- Mustard Seed
3/4 TBL Garlic Powder
3/4 TBL Crushed Red Pepper
1-1/2 TBL Onion Powder
7-1/2 TBL Tender Quick
3/4 TBL Liquid Smoke
3 Cups Cold Water

Mix well & Fridge for 24 hours. Roll into log, wrap with foil, and place in boiling water for 30-40 minutes. Finish on the smoker. I guarantee you'll be making this as part of your venison processing every year. This recipe is one of my favorites that is always asked for once someone tastes the finished product. I will posts photos when I get my next deer... very soon
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Do you guys stuff your sausage, make into patties or just leave it in bulk packages?

No Contest, that stuff looks great! Its not stuffed into any casing?
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No Casing- Just shape into a fatty & dunk in boilng water- this one will be a winner with your friends!!!
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What is the purpose of the boiling water?
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It firms up the log and starts the cooking process. I never questioned this (or tried without boiling) before- although very odd- it is amazing on the finished product
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I made a 25# batch of breakfast sausage last night. Used 60% venison and 40% pork. Bought a seasoning packet made by <a href="">Leo's Seasoning</a> from Bismarck. Ground the meat through once with the course plate and again with the fine plate. Mixed everything together and packaged as bulk sausage for frying patties. Had some last night and this morning. Good stuff!
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Apparently my code for the link didn't work. frown.gif
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