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redneck playing with fire and smoke

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and glad to MEAT everyone. I'm Shannon from Fitzgerald Ga, it's in deep south ga, so we can pretty much build as big a fire as we want.
I work in an industrail plant all day so getting out for a 4 hour cookout with just me and my grill is an extreme pleasure. I have a home built wood burner on thats built to be very mobile, not exactly on a trailer, kinda more the trailer is more built into the grill. It's an old 4.6' water softner ( all metal no galv) with a split torque axial. 8" pipe from the fire box to a 3" draft pipe. Built very close to a lang but with a few changes that I didn't like on the lang. And one great side dish around here is while the meat is smoking you place pecans on the firebox and roast them for 2-3 minutes and you have roasted pecans! I use mostly pecan, redoak woods. I have some pear tree I think I wanna try to see what it will do.

Level of cooking spert..slightly above begginer. Had to wait several years to get this built! Been a BBQer all my life, now wanna do some smoking.

About me.. I'm a 42 year old granddad of 3. Calibration tech for an aerospace company and I love to do photography and cook on a smoker.I also am a dieabetic so I tend to drop a lot of the sugars and make healthy meals for me and the kids. Looking forward to reading and learning from ya'll ( yes I have a real southren slooooww drawl).
Smokey Crow
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Welcome!!, nice looken smoker ya got there
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As I met ya earlier, I'll dispense with that welcome stuff. And I often dispense with alot of sugar in MY Q too! If ya'd like some of my rub/sauce recipes just ask!

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Welcome Smokeycrow from one southern redneck to another. You came to the right place.
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Welcome to SMF, Smokeycrow! It sounds like you're ready to roll and the folks here can help make that smooth rolling. Ask whatever questions you have and someone will have an answer for you. Glad to have you with us.
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Hello sir and welcome to SMF. I have 3 friends from GA and I love them to pieces. icon_smile.gif Mighty fine people indeed. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I too, take insulin, but don't have any problen with BBQ. Even apple juice spritz with Capt. Morgan rum doesn't raise me. (oh what a stupid thing to say. eek.gif Gypsy, Paul, Coley, Debi, Lisa, Cowpatty, etc.........., y'all just hush, or I'm gonna hug your neck, and it ain't gonna be in a good way. tongue.gificon_mad.gif Damn, where was I going? haha, anyway, write me or PM if I can offer anything , truely, the sweet in the BBQ is so spread out, it don't make a whole lotta difference.
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Welcome to the forum Smokeycrow hope you enjoy as I havePDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Glad to have ya here, we are practically neighbors.
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Welcome to the SMF Smokey Crow! Looking forward to your QViews!smile.gif

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Hello from the SMF, and thanks for joining our happy membership. Looks like we'll be interested in some of your recipes and smokes too!. Have a great week my friend.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome and how do you do?
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Welcome aboard the SMF. Nice smoker.
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Welcome Smokeycrow -

Nice smoker! You'll enjoy this place nice friendly folks!

Terry you been smoking with or drinking that Capt Morgan? icon_mrgreen.gif
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Welcome Smokeycrow! Gotta love rednecks and fire!
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welcome to SMF.

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