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Figured you where closer to her than I am. I do have a toolshed but not a woodshed!!biggrin.gif
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i just so hate to start a lighthearted thread that has nothing to do w/smoking... thats why we're better,, ; and btw i never get beyond the woodshed.... i'm always cooking- dang shame the woodshed is hickory plank & 1/2 gone now-thanx to me.....icon_evil.gif
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Gee this looks like fun! Almost missed it my heater is on the fritz again!

Well Gyspy at least she's weraing a shirt from a winner team now! Don't you want Aimee to learn to be a winner .... PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

Pats are my second string team - although I'm still mad at them for getting us to build them a billon dollar statium and then leaving us hanging! UConn does NOT need anything that big.

Hmmmmmmmm a trip around to the wood shed with Monty eh? Now that sounds might interesting! I might even learn somethin' ... like how to properly chunk wood? biggrin.gif

If I had to go out behind the woodshed I can't think of anybody I'd rather go with than our most honaorable Monty. icon_smile.gif
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Awwww, shucks! icon_redface.gif
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ummm cowboys have the same record against better teams & romo DOES NOT hold the all time record for more interceptions as touchdowns- oooh tat hurts... what really sucks is dallas plays greenbay & neither of us will see the game- it's on the nfl network- i may have to find a bar......
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i'll lay 5-1 on debi(sorry monty)- i know yer an all great powerful moderator... but i seen the lady fry eggs & beat a drum......icon_eek.gif
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I am bowed, humbled, but still a moderator!!!biggrin.gif

Cheers!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gifPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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I'm glad y'all are laughin, I still don't get it? eek.gif
I don't watch sports.
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I am as confused as you are!

It started with changing shirt logos on a gorgeous baby and wound up with me taking Debi behind the wood shed!

For what? Watch the spiders and snakes make their way home?


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OAKLAND RAIDERS............colors are black and silver............

sorry to here that Big Arm :)

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black & tan... oh wait thats soccer-manchester united ya nancy boys lol
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Beautiful babies, football teams, and wood sheds.....

OK, I give up!

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I'll take todays game out since Dallas is on a bye week...GB opponents are 27-28 (not that that's good or anything), but Dallas opponents are 24-32 (Miami and St. Louis don't count as better team)...not sure I see the better teams angle working...also I think we should compare Favre to Romo in about 14 more seasons...I'll have enough data at that point icon_eek.gifbiggrin.gif

Or we could wait for the head to head in a couple weeks.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Guess you could get Dish, or Directv...I got NFL network on dish icon_razz.gif ...even my bro in Wisconsin doesn't get to see the game since their cable tv doesn't carry NFL network. Cable or Dish...it's a toss up, but I've been fairly happy with the dish...same price/more channels...course cable isn't available in my rural area anywayPDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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dallas had the bye last week- they play philly tonight. and if a quarterback(any one of them these days) does 14 years- he's hall of fame. i ain't vbragging but romo did a probowl 1st year- and as a dallas fan i saw him go nfl eurpoe etc... he'll get hof cause of his stats......so far.... boy done good... but until he wins a superbowl for dallas he will never be a great... thats the way we work in texas... alll or nothing....no offense to favre- he's there & i met him- a great guy to boot not to mention 2 years younger than me w/ twice the grey......i love to hate the packs... but i am from texas....so i root for the texans too.hehe hey vince is a texas ex like me....
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i meant titans- oops
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I love to hate "'America's team" PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif I remember back in the mid 90's when Dallas beat GB like 6 or 8 times in a row...mad.gif...my excuse then was we had to keep playing in Dallas...if we could have only played them on the frozen tundra things woulda been a bit different.

As for Vince...I had a lot of high hopes for him this year...even drafted him as a QB for my fantasy team...but...he's been sent packing at this point...tooo fragile for Fantasy football. Got the Anderson dude from the Browns now...wish I had that hindsight thing Ida drafted Brady first pick.
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See what you started, Debi?


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america's team mid 90's?

how bout mid 70's............THATS when dallas was america's team........

gotta love the younsters........

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Wow! My memory is that the 'boys went to the Super Bowl 3 times in the '90's. I liked them in the '70's, too.....and I still do!

Go Cowboys!!
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dallas still s ells more merch worldwide(oops- dallas got the fb) and the new billion dollar stadium ??? .. plus trhe 2009 superbowl ??? there ya go ... i'm off to the wide screen food & bed... lol oh yeah like he was an unknown 3 yrs ago... he was nfl europe... la ti da... to- keep yer mouth shut & catch the ball/////he ain't irvin nbut......
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