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My first Beef Ribs

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Well.......I did my first beef ribs yesterday. I think I may have over cooked them a bit but they were tender and tasty. At 5 hours I brushed them with some Sweet Baby Rays sauce. I really liked the flavor and texture of these ribs. Here is a picture of my finished ribs.

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Those ribs look excellent !!!
I haven't smoked beef ribs before, how do you like them compared to pork?
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Nice looking ribs there, frybob!! How do you mean that you may have over cooked them?? You said that they were tender and tasty and that you liked the flavor and the texture? I'm just a mite confused (but then that's not hard to do icon_rolleyes.gif ). Them are all pluses in my book-
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thats it in my book... unless ya didn't trim the membrane.... there's yer chew factor.... they look perfect to me.
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Frybob them are some mighty fine lookin ribs.
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Nice job. It's wierd that any beef, including ribs, can be done less than fully-done: ribs can be medium-rare, for example.
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Didn't save me any ... did ya? icon_cry.gif
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Nice Smoke... They look real tasty...
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The q-view made me hungry!
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If those are overcooked then send them my way. Good looking vittles
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I was thinking that the meat pulled a bit too far back on the bone. That's why I'm thinking they might be over done. I have nothing to compare them to. Like I said, they were pretty darn good though. So maybe they were cooked ok. I did remove the membrane. It is amazing how thick the membrane is on beef ribs. It did come off pretty easy. I'm diffently going to smoke beef ribs again. Thanks to everyone for your comments.


P.S. Congrats to all you New England fans. Must be nice to have a great team. My Seahawks sucked it up again this week. Still in first place at 4 and 4. Boy, the NFC West is really bad.
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Frybob, those are some mighty fine looking ribs. If those are overcooked, just send them my way.
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They are pretty different. The are just as good though. The are hugh compared to pork. I really liked the flavor of them. I've held off trying beef ribs in the past as they really didn't have much meat on them. These seemed to have much more meat on them the ones I saw earler in the year. I'm sold on them though. I'd recommand you give them a try.

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Well Frybob there's just one thing you can do ...

.... wrap up them beauties and send them to me! I'll take screwup like that any day of the week! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good lookin ribs.
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I live close. Im on my wayPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Please share your method with us .... total time, pit temp etc. ?

Thanks PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks good to me MMMMmmmm
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I smoked them at 225 degrees for about 5 hours. I sprayed them every hour with apple juice after the first two hours. I used hichory. Then at 5 hours I brushed them with sweet baby rays sauce and then let them smoke for another 15 minutes and then turned them and basted the other side and then let them smoke for another 15 minutes. I think next time I'll have to pull them off a bit earler. They were prett good but a couple of them were a bit tough on the outside. The meat on the inside was pretty good though.

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NICE JOB!!! I'm doing some tomorrow myself. I've got about 8 lbs. of the racks and 5 lb. of the across-the-bones shorts.

Not as much meat as the porks, but I like the taste.
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