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First time Prime Rib

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Well I thought what have I got to loose except 2 7# Prime Ribs. I rubbed them with EVOO and did the sea salt and fresh ground black pepper as a rub. I also added just a hint of Jeff's rib rub and put them in the smok'r at 220 with the thin blue smoke of orange wood. I pulled them at 120 and tented them.These are to die for. The orange wood impartes a delicate fruity flavor that goes very well with the prime rib. Here are some teaser pics more to come.There is also a pic of the pig skinnies. Hope you enjoy the pics.


Ps without the help of the wonderful people on this forum this would have not been possible----------THANKS AGAIN
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Oh man.............Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
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Prime rib? I am definately coming over now! Good stuff!
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Dang Fudley I might have to drive down there for some of that stuff! I looks awsome - I love that orange flavor. Been saving what I got left for poultry, but it is good on bacon too!
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Very nice! Thanks for the q-view.
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Good looking viddles, making me hungry !!!
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Fudley DOOD! <High FIVE!> Damm, We got prime and loins all OVER this place this weekend... We're becoming snobby Q'ers round this joint! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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That is some mighty fine cooking!!!
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Hey Richtee not snobby Q'ers just great people with good taste.
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Wow, thats some great looking food...

Whats a pig skinny??
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Looks great, like to get a hold of some orange wood.
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LOL... 'twas a political responsibility. Oxymoron... grin
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