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Bird Peppers?

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I don't grow these, but my sister-in-law does down in Allen, TX... lemmee tell ya', these suminaguns are HHOTTTTT!!

Has anyone ever had any experience with them? I grind them up and use them in my chili, want to use them in sauces and such, but man, ya' gotta be careful! WOOOHOOO!!

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That bag looks like a fresh batch of Chile Pequin, if so this is the skiiny.
Pequins Chiles
This small somewhat oval shaped chile is sometimes called “birds eye†and grows wild in Mexico and South Texas. Like most tiny chiles, this pepper packs a punch rating at 8-9. They say that Underneath that heat is a sweet, citrus like flavor (BS, all I could tast was fire). I've had them before and yes they are hot, someone ground them up on the spot when I was having menudo. Be sure and have some liquid nearby, the powder can gag you, honest.
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I've never had the chance to use fresh but, the Peri Peri as they are called in Africa are some mighty tasty chilie peppers and yes they have just the flavors you describe. Nando's make a hot sauce using the bird peppers and they are fantastic! I use the Nando's sauces like catsup!
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I bought a small bag of those in Mexico. I just pinch "one" in a bowl of chili or soup. Good taste but pretty warm!
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I grew some one year. Dried a bunch for grinding. Too many seeds for the amount of pepper in my opinion. Oh yeah they are hot but not the best choice for processing.
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