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What size exhaust

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I started this thread in the wood forum as I had planned on going the wood route. During the freezer build, I decided that installing a propane burner would be too easy to do. So, I installed it. The burner is a small burner from a table top grill. When I have it set on low, my temps stay a steady 290 degree's.

My exhaust vent is 3 inches. How big should I go to help get my temps down by 60 degree's? I don't want the exhaust so big that I lose my smoke etc.


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If you go larger with your exhaust you can always adjust the opening to fine tune your temperature with a baffle, as simple as using aluminum foil to abstruct part of the exhaust opening.

I do not know where you live but remember temperatures will be dropping as winter closes in on us.

Another thought on lowering your temperature without changing your exhaust is the add a regulator on your propane gas line to lower the amount of propane reaching your burner.
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How big are your intake vents?

I would go with a larger exhaust and several intake vents. The intake vents should be adjustable.

From there it will be trial and error. Let us know what you find out!

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Well, I increased the exhaust hole from 3 inches to 6 inches and boy, what a difference it made!! After running for a solid hour my temps remained a steady 233 degree's! Just about perfect!

I think it's time to get my shelving installed so I truly see what kind of results I get with this!

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What no pictures of this new smoker? confused.gif
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