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Internal Temp

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I know this is a stupid question but, I was always under the impression you should never peirce a peice of meat while cooking. What is the best way and when, do you check the internal temp of the meat you are smoking.
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That is usually correct but more for when your cooking hot and fast, low and slow doesn't get the juices flowing as bad so some minor poking is fine.
If you have a probe thermo, you can put it in the meat when you throw it on the pit and leave it in the whole time, thus no hole's PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks for the tip , I dont have a probe thermo but I will buy one
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Welcome to SMF and look for a nice digital thermo.. I'm amazed at how well they work and the wireless ones make life easy. Sit in the house and see the temp of smoker and meat is a great thing.
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Here is a link to the digital thermometers I use http://www.amazon.com/Taylor-Digital...4180111&sr=8-7

They are low priced so I can afford 2. One to keep track of the grate temp & one to keep track of the meat.
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You can always get you a Mavrick ET-73; it has two probes-one to monitor the food temps and the other to monitor the chamber temps. The other plus is that it has a wireless remote.
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from what othershere have- that is the thermo to get. i just can't get it locally & i'm a cheapskate. i'd go for the maverick too.
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The only way I could get mine was to order it on the 'net. Look around, even though the Mavrick comes from the same place, the price will be different from site to site. Also take the time to notice the shipping- a site may offer a low price that looks great but then they stick ya with a higher shipping fee.
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icon_razz.gifWelcome I found me Maverick ET at a BBQ GALORE store if you have one around you. It is very nice and I even use it if I am not smoking foods which I am begining to think should be a sin if you do not smoke it.
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Here's the one I use.
Love it. Blue tooth, wireless, no hands, stay in the air-conditioning kinda a thermometer. icon14.gif
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