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2nd smoke

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I'm a half hour into my second some on my char-griller/side fire box. I'm doing a chicken in parts and 2 fattys. I seem to have trouble getting my temp up to 300 to 325 for the chicken. I'm using Cowboy Brand chunk hardwood charcoal. Have about 3 chimney loads with 2 of them lit. My temp is around 250 at the cooking grate near the fire box. Any help would be appreciated. Will try q-view later.
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Will be hard to do when hot, but if you can raise your charcoal grate a bit and put some bricks or rocks under it, you will get better air flow, and your temperature will rise.

Also, make sure your top vent is open 100%.
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Next time turn the grate over, it will help. Also, you're ok at 250* for the chicken, it'll take 3 to 3.5 hours though but it will get done. I smoke most of my stuff around 211* to maybe 220* and have no problems. On the chicke the skin won't crisp, but I don't eat it anyway.
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Yeah, what Josh said.........air flow is the key, you have plenty of fuel in there, just need the O2 to go with it.

I know you can't really raise the grate the fire is on right now, but you may want to consider that going forward (assuming you have not already) that will keep the ashes from choking your fire out.
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Those temps are good for the chicken ... but the fatty s !!!! icon_neutral.gif
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Like has been said the chicken will get done just a little slower & the skin may not crisp up. Try a little olive oil in your mop sauce if you have one & it will help the skin a bitPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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