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Well I put off my smoke for tomorrow, I kept reading on the site and the menu grew. I spent today running around town getting more stuff. Thanks guys, I see how ya'll get addicted to this smoking hobby but I assure ya'll I can handle it.icon_eek.gif
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Prep today...

...smoke tomorrow. Slight change of plans, but it's all good.

I have a pork shoulder and butt rubbed and ready, plus a beef shoulder rubbed and packed with coarse black pepper to do SmokyOkie style. Of course, there is also a fatty in the mix as well.

Hell, anymore, I think the fatty is my kids' main reason to come around for a visit! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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It's been a "great" day for smoking. Temps started out in the low 20s this morning but have made it into the mid 50s. Unfortunately, most of the day has had steady winds of 25 mph or more with gusts over 40.

I've kept the MES just inside the garage so the temp has stayed between 180 and 210 for most of the time. But after 12 hours the butts still haven't made it to 165. I'm gonna leave them in for a few more hours, but I'll probably need to finish them in the oven.

Dutch's beans are out and they are GREAT!! I asked my wife what she thought of them and after a long pause she admitted they were better than hers. icon_wink.gif
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Well I got up at the crack of............dark and got everything togather.

One chuck roast, two fatties, beef roll ups, pig nutz, and pig peckers. More pics to come.
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Does the tenderloin count/ I DID sear it over charcoal... Q-View sorta in the "Into my Glory" thread
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Man I'm FULL. That was some good stuff.
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Dare I ask what Pig Nutz and Pig Peckers are? PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif
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Someone described pig peckers as breakfast sausage (links I think) wrapped in bacon then rolled in brown sugar. Not sure about a pig nuts.
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Well I found them on this site, the Pig Nutz are waterchestnuts wraped in bacon. Good stuff!
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Those "pig peckers" are they rolled in brown sugar prior to hitting the
smoker ?
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Yes sir, thats the way I did it. I think I may make some without the brown sugar.
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I made mine without the sugar, (because I forgot eek.gif ). Next time, think I'll find some links with some extra flavor. Like maple or something.
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