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Sunday will be doing a Pork Loin, Chix Wings, Fatty, 1 Rack spare ribs, and some ABT'S.
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Hey RIP you'll do just fine, watch your smoke and send your picssmile.gif
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i am going to do 5 pounds of jerkey on saturday and sunday i will smoke a 18 pound turkey that should be fun it is in the brine for 24 hours then i will smoke sunday for dinner i used hi mtn poultry brine it turns out a great bird i also injected the brine into the breast and legs i will also put on some of dutches beans they are good maybe do a fatty as well you all have a good weekend

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Thanks Allen, with the info on this site I can't go wrong. I will take pics.
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Got ribsand ABT's going on today!
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I'm doing prime rib, baby back ribs, fatty's, pig skinnies,butts for pulled pork, salmon,spam,and baked beans.
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Whats a pig pecker?
I smoked a 13.5 lb brisket last night. Started it at 5pm, smoked it until 2am then put it in the oven till 6am. I woke up to my timer saying "almost done....almost done....almost done. Anybody else like coffee and brisket for breakfast??
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In regards to coffee and brisket...did a 7# pork butt last weekend. Smoked it until 12:30 am than wrapped in foil and in oven til 5:00 am. turned off the oven but left the butt in there until 7:30. was pulling the pork for sammies and could not stop "sampling" this food of love!! What a good breakfast, and yes I was drinking coffee.
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I'm doing beef ribs for the first time. I'm also doing acouple of fatties.

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Since tomorrow features a historic football game (the 1st ever NFL game between 2 teams w/ a record of 7-0 or better) I thought I'd better throw 2 briskets & some ATB's in the GOSM. Starting at about 5AM... and hope to be feasting by 1/2 time. Are you ready for some football!!!
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Im with you on the pre dawn cook. Going to get things going 3 or 4am... might just throw a fattie in for breakfast.
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A pig skinny is link breakfast sausage wrapped in bacon and then rolled in brown sugar. Through them on the smoker untill the bacon is crisp about 3-4 hours. You have pig candy that is to die for.

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I had heard that before. Sounds good bud! thanks
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54 post's and not 1 pic??? You guy's should be ashamed!! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif LOL
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Okay, okay... here you go. icon_lol.gif

I've got 4 butts in, two in foil pans and two that aren't so I can compare the two methods. Also smoking my first batch of Dutch's beans and trying my hand at a butternut squash. A meatloaf was already devoured for dinner.

Here are the butts, rubbed and ready. (about 5:30 AM)

Here's the butt view at 1:30, temps at about 150.

And a view of the beans and squash. The squash had just gone in so that's a glob of butter melting. icon_wink.gif

Hope these will help those of you who have been craving a Q-view! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Atta boy Terry....you the man!!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Just trying to keep folks happy!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Dang it ,,, all this smokin goin on this weekend and I can't do a thing ....have hurricane Noel .... arriving on my doorstep as I typePDT_Armataz_01_05.gif ...first one in a long time .....Please post lots of pics to tie me over till next week, hopefully the power won't be out long ...have to go get necessities ...A.K.A ............BEER PDT_Armataz_01_28.gifPDT_Armataz_01_11.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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Lookin good homebrew!
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