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pork loin

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I was at our local grocery store last night and they had pork loin for $1.69/lb. So, I picked up an 11 pounder. I'm planning on rubbing it up tonight and smoking it tomorrow or maybe Sunday. Do any of you guys make pulled pork out of the loin?
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IMHO, you don't want to do that. Pork loin doesn't have much fat in the meat and is best smoked to about 150 or 155 or 160(I can't remember, it's been a while since I've done a loin).

If you take it to "pulling temp", it will be too dry and a waste of money. It's best sliced.

Good luck.
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I'd have to agree here... you COULD lard it, but mmm smoked loin is soo good sliced. Wrap with bacon after your rub, string tie it if ya like, it really looks cool, and keeps everything in place. Take 'er to around the mentioned 160* , wrap and rest...slice - and listen for the YUMMMM's!
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Cut that thing in half, smoke half like Rich mentioned, then make the other half into canadian bacon. you will love it.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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You could also consider brining it first. $1.69 is a good buy, lowest I can find around here is $1.99 on sale.
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Cool, thanks for the help guys!!
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How'd that loin come out PJ?
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Quite good, actually. I had some things come up for yeaterday, so I couldn't attend to the smoker all day. So, I smoked it until it for 3-4 hours and then finished it in the oven. When it came out, I rested it for an hour and then pulled it apart.
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