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Sounds like some great fattys going on the smokers this weekend!

They take about 3 hours at 225 to 250 degrees - pull them at 160 degrees - it's pork.
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My largest concern is the outside temp here in North Dakota. It's supposed to be 45 degrees as the high. My smoker is uninsulated and I'm afraid it may take a couple of hours longer.
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Looking forward to doing my first couple fatties this weekend or Monday as well. I can't wait. Wish I had known about them a long time ago! Also doing my first ABT's as well, along with a 10lb butt and a rack of bb's.
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It shouldn't take longer as long as you keep your pit temp up ... may need more fuel to accomplish, but not time. Try and keep it out of the wind as well.
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I've never done one, but they sound AWESOME!!
What's everyone's suggestion on the wood type?
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Prepare for a Q-gasm..Apple all the way
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I'm going to be bold and use Alder
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I use mine all winter with just a 3 sided wind break. I've smoke without a problem down to 5 degrees. After that it uses more charcoal on the ECB or propane on the Smoke Vault. The wind will really take the heat away.

Enjoy the Fatties!
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Use what ever wood makes you smile icon_biggrin.gif ... I like the sweeter woods with pork products ... apple, cherry, maple etc.
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OK...I smoked to fatties and 2 chuncks of breakfast sausage. The fatties took about 4 hours in the LJBC and the chunks of sausage to about 1.5 to 2 hours longer. I was disappointed in the cooking as I didn't think it would take so long. My guests were ready to eat! Anyway, when the fatties finished cooking (after 20 mins. in the oven), they were very tasty.

Should I have let the meat come to room temp before putting them in the smoker? I believe that would have shortened up the cooking time. Any thoughts? I wish I had taken pics. Thanks for the help.
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Yes, I think it helps to let the meat come to room temp. before cooking. I thnk many others here do the same.
What say all of you?
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I cooked my first today and man those things are gooooood. 3.5 hours and they were ready.
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What did you stuff yours with? I tried some cheese, onion, bacon & mushroom.
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One I stuffed with cream cheese the other I didn't stuff. Being my first fatties I didn't want to get carried away. The next ones {and there will be more} I will try more things with.
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The fatty i described earlier was with breakfast sausage but I made another with ground pork and it was really good too. I think some things would be good with breakfast sausage.
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