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First Brisket

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I am about to cook my second brisket at my new home tomorrow and I wanted to do it right I will be using a gosm and I wanted to know what the internal temperature should be on the brisket. I have Jeffs Naked Rib rub and was wondering if that would be a good rub for the brisket. I was also thinking about doing a fatty. Any suggestions will help, I was on the forum a while back but had to move to an apartment while my new home as finished so I havent been able to smoke anything for 4 months.

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A lot of info here on smoking temps, it's from Debi's site
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Here is the rub that I use all the time on beef. My wife and kids do not like heat, so there is not a lot of heat in it, but it is definitely my favorite.

4t kosher salt
3t chile powder
3t onion powder (granulated if you have it)
1 1/2t garlic powder (granulated if you have it)
1t paprika
1t marjoram
1/2t cumin
1/2t cracked black pepper
1/4t cinnamon

All of the measurments are teaspoons.
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first brisket

Thanks for the information Ill take pics on Saturday Night of the food and put them on the forum. Great to be back at a house where I can smoke whenever I want.

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Good luck Chad and congrats on the new home!
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