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Old freezer and burn barrel combo??

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I have a Traeger grill/smoker and to be honest, not real happy with it. I hear people referring to smoking brisket for 10 hours before it's up to temp. My traeger will have the meat at 190 degree's within just a few hours and that is while on the medium to smoke setting!

So, I decided that I wanted to build my own and have heard/seen people use old freezers etc. I found one yesterday that will fit the bill perfectly. Metal interior etc so no issues there.

I placed a double electric burning in it and after 3 hours it was at 215 degree's. I do not want it to take that long to get it up to temps not to mention the heat loss when the door is opened. I do plan, at some point, in mimicking the famed "wookie" on this board and insert an oven burner.

However, for the time being (ie I really want to smoke a butt this weekend), I would like to place a 55 gallon burn barrel next to the freezer with a 4 inch pipe going from the top of the barrel to the bottom/side of the freezer to supply both the heat and smoke. Has anyone seen this type of setup and would it work?

I figured that a 4 inch pipe should be sufficient to allow enough heat/smoke to enter the freezer and then out the flue but hate the idea of setting this up only to see that it won't work. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

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Hey Bob, welcome to SMF! Stop by Roll call and intro yourself <It's kinda a tradition> so's we get to know ya and you us!

As far as the plan... you elevating the freezer? Or just planning on putting the butt up higher than the inlet at least I hope?

Should work. I'd leave the electric in there for additional heat if required, no harm in that.
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Thanks for the welcome! I will be elevating the freezer so that the bottom of the freezer is inline with the upper portion of the barrel but less than a foot apart. The more I look the more I like the idea of running a 6 inch pipe between the two. Should allow for more cubic feet of smoke/heat to get in there. I know I am fine on the smoke end but not sure about the heat. I just don't know if enough heat will rise so that we end up in the 225 range.

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Sound's like an interesting idea, things to consider are heat control/management. You can't just build a fire and pump it into a fridge without any heat regulation. Heat isin't your problem, should be able to get quite a hot fire in a drum, just need to regulate it!!
I would definetly go with the 6" pipe.
Good luck and keep us updated!wink.gif
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6 is PLENTY I'd think. Like I said, if yer worried, leave the hotplate in place. can always use it to add a few BTU's, or not.
Also, had ya thought on a tuning or dispersion plate/baffle above the entry point of the tube? Wondering about all the heat/smoke just makinga beeline to the stack, without mixing around very well...
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Here's what I had in mind. I would have a magnetic cover on the inlet to control the smoke/heat as needed. My initial thoughts are to keep the design to a minimum until I see how well it performs and then modify as needed. The burn barrel would have a cover on it so the only real exit for the heat/smoke would be through the inlet.

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Hmmm did an experiment a while back concerning high heat and magnets, and heat will destroy them. Somethng to keep in mind. other than golly, that'll smoke meat OK.
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That's good to know on the magnets. I have small neodymium magnets that I had planned on using to hold the door at various intervals. I may still try it and see how well it works and for how long.

Should I punch holes at the bottom of the barrel so that the coals receive fresh air or will that speed up combustion too much?

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Griz, sounds like you are on the right track.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Have you checked out some of these smokers?
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That's a pretty neat set-up as a cold smoker!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Without an air source, you wont be able to keep a fire burning very well.
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What Bubba said. Yep. And perhaps plan on a way to damper them too. Someone did a simple damper setup here a while back...I'll see if I can find it... altho this was for a flat surface Hmmm lemme think...

OK maybe something like this- But I did not show some small diameter thin washers under large fenders, to allow sliding clearance...

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i bet the big drum smoker can be modified for this.........

lets see if i can find the link

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Well, I stopped by Lowe's to figure out what, if anything, I needed for this conversion. After much thought, I had a slight leaning towards installing a propane based heater so that I can keep a more even temp.

At Lowe's they are clearing out their grills and I hope I stumbled across a good idea. They had a small table top grill that was propane operated. I figured the burner would be the perfect size given that I am not asking for too high of temps from the unit.

I will install it tomorrow, along with a 4 foot hose extension, and see what kind of temps I can get. This way, I will only require the burn barrel to provide the smoke and can damper it off accordingly.

Maybe it will work and maybe it won't but at least it's a day spent outside with my son!

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Well, I had an epiphany last night. I had originally contemplated only using the burner in the bottom of the freezer. I was going to line the bottom with additional metal to protect the surrounding area. I decided to use the entire body of the grill, minus the lid. I had it installed in a matter of minutes. I put a 3 inch vent at the top of the freezer and fired it up.

On high, it averages 380 degree, +/- 5 degrees. I am going to let it run on high for a few hours to burn any residual stuff off the inside of the freezer. I know on low, when I first started it, it was up to 230 in about 15 minutes. I don't know what it will hold it's temp at. I will probably have to put a larger vent in top and maybe an additional one to better control the temps if the low setting won't average in the 225 range.

Anyways, for about $50 in parts, this thing is up and running. I must admit, it was nice to walk outside and see thin blue smoke rolling out the top. Kind of proud right now!

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Ya, but where's the pic's??icon_twisted.gif
Sound's like a neat set-up, be sure you put some kinda baffle over your burner or you'll have grease dripping on your flame's and that would'nt be pretty!!
What is your set-up for wood??
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Originally, I was going to do the wood route, hence the reason why my post is in this particular forum. However, in an effort to better control temps, I elected to install a propane burner.

I have the burner on low and my temps are a steady 290 degree's. Obviously, too hot for low and slow. My exhaust vent is 3 inches. Will going to 5 or 6 inch help reduce the temps by the 60 degree's or so that I need?

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