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tough skin

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I did some Italian sausages in the smoker this weekend and they tasted great like the always do but it seems that smoking them makes the skin tougher. I have done them about 5 or 6 times this summer and have tried different brands and it seems like the skin is much tought than when I used to grill them. I was thinking of maybe wrapping them in foil for a while at the end to steam them a little to see if that would soften the skin up? Anyone got any other ideas?
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i believe also that it is a moisture situation. but if the skin is cooked and has developed a crispyness ill bet it cant be softened.
Dont the grilledsausages get a crispy outside when grilled.

Im just guessing out loud.
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Eh, it's a membrane, and I don't think that's the case Scotty. I mean as long as they ain't CRISPED. Spritz with a bit or water and wrap 'em..let us know. Altho, some of that beautiful golden-brown color will be lost. Personally I don't care for the translucent look, but I bet they would tender up a bit. Got one left? Toss it in simmering water for a min.
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Well when I grill them they are still crisp but not too tough but when I smoke them they seem to get really tough.
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Try the foil. But like I said, the transparent look is yucky on smoked sausage in my opinion. I LOVE the "snap" of natural smoked casings.
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At what temp are you smoking?
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220, about 2 hours. Maybe higher heat and less time?
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Yup, I'd crank it up to 275-300 and let 'er rip until they're done to an internal of around 165. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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So everything in the smoker doesnt have to be low and slow right? Everything that I have been doing I've been thinking its got to stay in there a long time.
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Not everything. Poultry and fatties, are also not candidates for low-n-slow. I like my sausages to be golden brown and somewhat crispy on the outside, so I crank up the heat.
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