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Chicken and Fatty

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Smoked a chicken and a fatty yesterday. It was the first time I brined a chicken, I let it soak in the brine over night, then rinsed and rubbed. It turned out alot better than the ones I did in the past. I stuffed the fatty with mushrooms, onions, garlic, and colby jack cheese. My buddy Mark also brought two racks of ribs up to finish off. I cut some potatoes in half and seasoned, but they didn't turn out to good, a little tough. Everything else turned out great.

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Those pics look great, Gramason. I did potatoes just a couple of days ago, but I sliced them french fry style and added an onion. Smoked them over pecan, seasoned with salt, pepper, and montreal seasoning. They sure turned out great. Try them again, I think you'll like them.
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Looks good, just try to increase the size of the pics so we can drool properly next time!
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Nice Q there my friend. You can't go wrong with a brined bird, and ABT's are a sure winner too!
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PDT_Armataz_01_42.gifI had some of the chicken and fatty and they both were totally awesome again.Thanks again for the invite.
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Ummmmmmmm looks great! Now I am hungry. Guess I'll have to see what's in the freezer.
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that pic wrapped in all that bacon just made me go wow... great pics.
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had some of that chic and fatty ,,, YUUUUUMMMMMMMM ! had to change my shirt from the droolin ,,,
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