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great abt add on

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i did some abt and a couple of shoulders yesterday for the chargers game, turned out awesome. put a thin slice of motzerella in each jalapeno then a little seasoned cream cheese to fill the rest of the way, wrapped in a full peice of bacon and then when they were finished.........thinley slice avocado on top of each one. they were so good that i didnt have time to get the camera, they were seriously gone within 2 minutes! next time maybe some fresh onion, cilantro, tomato, and avocado on top for a cold fresh addition. try it and you wont be dissapointed.
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Sounds very tasty!
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The ever evolving ABT, a work in progess. You've got a creative mind that is challenging the taste buds.
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ah, thank you sir. you have some of the best creative ones, and yours usually include pics, oh well, ill only get better hopefully. hey, how did you do with the fires? hope all is well.
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yesterday, i didn't have any bacon to wrap around the ABT's- so i used oscar meyer chopped ham slices. i sliced each one into strips and wrapped it around the ABT's. was pretty good. the ham crisped up nicely.
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Oooohhh yeah, another avocado lover! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif When I use avocados, I get a nice ripe one and blend it into the cream cheese mixture. Try it, it is awesome!
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I did the avocado thing a while back, turned out nice. Put the fire from the pepper out. They grow like weeds here (huge trees, haven't paid for that or mango for years).
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Avocados, yumm!!
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Anything with avocado in it just has to be good. It's a shame they're so expence up here, 2.00 for the hass, 3.50 for the green one's.
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Yeah, here in DE, the cheapest I can find them is $1.69 ea. on sale... and the sales aren't very often.
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