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Got another one!

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Got a new smoker last night. Charbroil silver smoker. I have the 2 ECB's still, but wanted something a little bigger and easier to work with. Had been looking at this model or the chargriller pro. Well the chargriller pro wasn't in stock anywhere so I got this one. Hope it will work out all right. I have all ready done the smoke stack mod, the heat sheild mode and the tuning plates. Only that i have not done is mod the FB area. It seems to be working fine for right now.
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Congrats PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif everybody needs at least 2 or 3
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Congrats on the new member of your fleet. Sounds like you've got it all upgraded for some quality smokin.
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Everything with it seems to be working good so far. Thanks for the compliments. Always appreciated.
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Here are pics in action.

All three pictured here.
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That's a good lookin' smoker! Whatcha gonna cook for the first time out?
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I smoked a meatloaf but went a little to heavy on the smoke.
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Lookin good!!! keep it up.
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