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breakfast at 10 am was worth waiting for

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More pictures of making the 10 am breakfast


It was the best tasting breakfast meat.

I cant wait till i find some back or belly for regular bacon

Im a DJ Debbie fan now :) great recipes on your website

What did i learn????
Dont add water to the wood tray because in my smokerif you are smoking at 150 degF the water does not boil off--
Why did i do it. Wish i had an answer
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That looks great scotty... worth waiting for. Great job.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looks good! Wish I would had some for breeakfast!
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Gads!!!!! Seemed like forever this morning waiting for Scotty to cook my breakfast.icon_mrgreen.gif But the wait was worth it. Great tasting buckboard bacon, eggs, texas toast, coffee, and orange juice. Life is good.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Happy Sunday, ya' all!
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ITS Y'ALL you yankee PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif I was out there in the dark at about 6 am settin things up
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Excuuuuuse me.icon_razz.gif
I'm going back to bed.wink.gif
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Hey, I like that smoker, where did you get it? What brand is it?

Hey, great looking food to!
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Cheap as heck and nice for small jobs.


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I'm gonna get one, I'll send the car out right away!biggrin.gif
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Oh Nooooo ... Not the car again ...
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whats with the car ?????????????eek.gif
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eek.gif ... You don't know ?????
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Ok i had some idea that the liquid from soaking the wood would add some smoke flavor but i did not take the cooking temperature into consideration.
I boosted the cooking temp from 200 to 225F for the last 45 minutes. Then i finally started seeing steam.
After a while, I could smell the mesquite burning and see a change in the smoke color from clear to a light bluish grey..
When the meats reached the desired temps, I shut the unit off and took the meats indoors.

While cleaning the unit i saw that about 30% or less of the wood was burning and none of it was turned to grey dust.

It was easier to say I dont know why.
I guess the el cheapo bone was in controll of my brain again.
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Great looking bacon! Like the cooker too!icon_smile.gif

Is this made with the Hi mountain buckboard cure? I need to get some of that to try!
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I see you have a name now.. PATTY

No i used DJs recipe. I like doing things from scratch where it is possible

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PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif Well, I hate to admit this...but, my car is a thiefcool.gif Seems everytime I take it anywhere, to kind of scope things out, it takes stuff. Like I'm driving home from Lowes about three month ago and had not purchased anything, and while driving I kept hearing this diln-a-ling noise? So, I stopped to check it out, and there was a verticle grill stuffed in the back??? cool.gif And that is only the beginningicon_exclaim.gif My wife and are are concerned about my cars behavior and have taken it to counselingeek.gif
I don't think it's working, given what it did today. Oh well, it has do do the time not me icon_smile.gif I'm sure glad it doesn't have an ATM cardicon_exclaim.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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Thanks for the link!smile.gif
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They say a picture tells it all, and I'm hearing a lot of OMG!
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We are doing it for dinner tonight also with smashed potatoes and mixed veggies.

While we start a 6 gallon batch of welches grapejuice wine.

mmmmmmmm good
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