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The Dentist (PG)

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A man went to a dentist one day for a regular check up. The dentist
decided that one tooth was in such bad condition that it should be
extracted. The dentist advised the man of the situation who agreed to
the procedure.
When the dentist went to give the man an injection the man
said "don't
worry, I don't need an injection". The dentist went on to explain
the procedure could be very painful however the patient insisted that
would be OK without a needle. The patient went on to explain that he
two experiences in recent times that had made him immune to pain so
dentist went ahead and extracted the tooth. To the dentist's
the guy didn't even wince.
The dentist, quite astonished remarked " that was amazing, the two
recent experiences you say you had that made you immune to pain must
have been something special, would you care to tell me about them".
The man said "sure, one day I was out hunting and suddenly had an
overwhelming urge to evacuate my bowels. I ducked behind a bush and
squatted down and my scrotum landed squarely on the trigger of a
trap and CRUNCH!!". The dentist exclaimed "oh my god, that must have
been excruciating but what was the second experience". The man
"when I ran out of chain"
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Too good.... lmao
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OUCH!!!!! I can feel his pain.
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Good one Rich! biggrin.gif
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That reminds me of a story I read in a book called "The Darwin Awards". It's about people whose own stupidity removes them from the gene pool, thereby strengthening future generations...

It involves a 4 golfers, 1 idiot, and a ball-washer....

nuff said!
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