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Rib Smoke

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I'm smoking 6 racks of ribs today. Rubbed them with kosher salt and black pepper. My MES holds 4 racks at a time with some room for trimmings and a few brats. Half of the ribs will just get spritzed with apple juice during the smoke. I'm putting a mop on the others.

When the first round is done the last 2 racks will go in with the rest of the trimmings, a couple of fatties and some ABTs.

Here's the Q-view about an hour and a half in.

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Look's like a good start! PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
Probe in rib's???confused.gif
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The last time I did ribs some of them ended up really dry and chewy so I thought I would try using the probe to keep a closer eye on the temp.
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Looks like some good cooking go on there, Enjoy!
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The first 4 racks of ribs are done. Two more just went in along with a couple of fatties, some ABTs and rib trimmings.

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Homebrew & BBQ
Interesting rub, I am curious as to how the ribs taste (They look very good)? Love the pic's, keep on smoking !!!
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Looking good..
6 racks... thats a long day of smoking..
Nice smoke..
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The ribs tasted fine, not great, but there were no complaints. icon_smile.gif

The reason I decided to go with such a "plain" rub was we are trying out a couple of new sauces (SoFlaQuer's and a KC Masterpiece clone) and didn't want to have a rub that conflicted with the sauces.
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