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Meat prices?

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Hey everyone, Just curious as to the meat prices in your area. I live in a rural area, Craig County, VA which is just north of Roanoke. We have a family owned IGA grocery in our town, New Castle, they cut their own and have a good selection of fresh, quality meats. I just bought a pork picnic half (skin on) 4.62 lbs. for $0.98 per pound or $4.53 and bought two packs of large pork spare ribs weighing about 3.5 lbs each for $0.78 per pound or $ 2.75 each. They had Boston butts for $1.99 per lbs. I'm still in the experimenting stage (do you ever get out of it ) of this smoking bug so I'm sticking to the cheaper cuts for now! Anyway just wondering about meat prices in your areas, thanks. Sammy.
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I bought butts last week for .99/lb. I know that was a drawing card for the store. The price for the ribs is far cheaper than I have seen, but they are over 3 lbs in wt. As for Picnics, ???
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That is a Great Price on the Ribs!! The butts may be a tad bit higher, but still a fair price. I am not sure on the picnics. What do you mean cheaper cuts of meat ?? Those are the creme de la creme of BBQ!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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at those prices it would be cheaper for me to fly out there an buy at that store and fly back.....seriously...... icon_mrgreen.gif
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Nice prices, especially on the ribs. A lot of the pricing is regional as you'll see.
Pork spares usually go here for $1.99 to $2.99/lb. and baby backs between $3.39 and $3.99/lb. Butts are so hard to find in my store here that I don't even try I just head straight to the butcher and usually pay $2.29/lb.
So enjoy the good prices and the great Q!
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I get my best meats at White's Market, a small three store chain. This week a skin on picnic is $1.29/lb. Butts are on sale at $1.59/lb. A rack of spares is on sale for 1.99/lb. Making room in the freezer as we speak!

They process all their own meats and I have never been disappointed. If I am in need of something special or a large quantity of something for my occasional catering the folks there are super to work with.

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Tampa Area

Butts - $1.24
Spares - $1.77
Packer Brisket - $1.67
Chicken varies a lot from place to place.
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I'll be right there!!!! Here in Philly, Baby backs... 3.99-4.99lb spare ribs 2.99-3.99lb Butts... can't ever find any. Picnic's when you can find them 1.19-1.89lb. Briskets can't find to many Packer's, flat's will be around 3.49lb
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Brighton, MI (north of Ann Arbor)

Spares: $1.88 - $1.99 lb
BB's: $2.99 - $3.99 (on sale.....usually $5.99)
Butt's: $1.29 - $1.59
Whole Chicken: $.79

Prices are from Costco's.
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Thanks everyone!!

Thanks for the replies, guess the cost of smokin isn't to bad here in Va! Now if we could get the gas prices down a little, $2.69 a gal. here and milk is sky high at $ 4.05 gallon. Sammy.
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2.69 a gallon of gas....that's still cheaper then here, it's over 3 bucks for the low grade stuff.......... and the milk....well, that's close, but ours runs about 4.50 a gallon......... man it ain't cheap to live in seattle..... PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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I'll check the meat but gas is $1.10 per litre which works out to $4.99 per Canadian gallon which is even smaller than a US gallon !!!! Definatley cheaper to fly...
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Here in central Tn.
Butts .99
BBs 3.30 ( better than BBs are the loin back ribs at the same per lb )
Gasoline 2.55
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Central IOWA useall prices
packer briskets-1.67
BBribs 3.99-5.99(really varys from stores)
spares 1.99-2.29
Chicken really varys
gas 2.64

We have been haveing lots of good meat sales lately

Cleared Fareway out of BB ribs a couple weeks ago 2.39/#
cleared a HY-Vee out of butts a month ago .79/#
got 10 hole chicks for .80/# last nite at a Fareway
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Just got back from Albertsons. Babybacks $1.99 per pound. In a display case in plastic sleeves open on one end and many were partially frozen and thawing. Not the best lookin ribs to begin with and definitely not a good deal considering the half thawed state.
I passed. Rather pay a bit more and get better lookin meat.
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Gas here is $3.05

Babybacks are usually 4.99 a lb in the markets - 1.99 at sam's club

I can get butts for 1.29 wholesale price through a local restaurant

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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DS, i get them frozen or thawed, is the in between state not good?
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I wouldn't be smoking them till next weekend. No room to keep them in the fridge all week and I don't like to refreeze meat. They really don't recommend refreezing previously frozen meat.
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I was told by a guy that had worked around the packing industry for many years and he says ALL meat is froze before its shipped. I'm not sure i believe that, but i also don't like to re freeze either.
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I don't know practically about the different cuts of pork (I generally stick with beef or chicken) but...

a brisket at the grocery store is about 2.99 - 3.49 per pound
i got a pork "shoulder blade butt roast" and "pork brisket" for .88 per pound this weekend. They were cheap and looked like something good to try on the smoker.

BB ribs are usually out of my price range. Almost as expensive as rib steaks unless there's a big sale. Spare ribs aren't too badly priced, but so damn greasy when I cook them...

I think costco is a lot cheaper but I have a small freezer and no costco card...doesn't seem worth it for a single guy like me unless I had a big freezer.

Gas was $2.83 last time, but varies up to maybe $.20-.30 per gallon depending on what neighborhood you get it in.
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