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Chipotle Infused Oil

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Making use of my new dehydrator, so I choose some red jalapenos.

Smoke red jalapenos for 4 hrs. using mesquite wood. Then put the chiles in a dehydrator for about 14 hrs or until dry. Rough chop chiles into flakes, and let simmer for 3 hrs. in a mixture of regular olive oil and cooking oil. Let it completely cool, and then strain the oil with cheesecloth into a dry sterilized glass jar. Store in a cool dry place. Good for frying taco shells, taquitos, quesadillas, pinto beans, or whenever you want that chipotle flavor and/or heat without the chile flakes.
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Awesome. I love the way you present your cooks! Very informative. Thanks!

Ever make piripiri?

Its a very simple version of what you have made, coming from Portugal. The Portuguese love it covering a smoked pork roast (with lotsa garlic inserted) or at least that is what I have read. I made the pork in their style and it was tasty along with the chile oil.


1C Oil
12 Dried Chiles (piquin, thai, cayenne or habenero's)

Heat oil to 300. Remove from heat, add chiles and set aside to cool. Once oil has reached room temp, pour it, complete with chiles into a glass jar. Cover tightly and allow chiles to steep in oil for 2 days. Strain oil into a cruet. Definitely taste this oil before adding much to your food.
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Thanks Rich, I'll be adding that to the "Have to try" folder
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Looks real good, I love spicy and hot stuff.
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Well, that just looks killer Rich. I've got the last japs off my plants waiting for some sort of use and this qualifies. icon_mrgreen.gif
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