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Pulled pork yield from shoulder

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I was wondering roughly what kind of yield is typical from pork shoulders to the amount of pulled pork. A couple of days ago I did about 30 pounds of shoulders. After taking out the bones and the excess fat we ended up with about 16 pounds of pulled pork. Is that about "average"?

I know a lot depends upon the particular piece of meat but I was just wondering if that was the usual ballpark.
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Yeah, that's pretty average... there is alot of waste with the skin, bone and excess fat. But man is it worth it!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Well if I get the ones from Costco, they are already deboned and deskinned so alot more bang for your buck. The yield is much higher, but I couldn't give you a definitive answer on the actual loss.
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I just finished my first shoulder and I bet I got about 3-3.5lbs of meat from a 5.25.b shoulder. The Skin alone was probably close to a pound :(
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Smoking at a little lower temp will also give you a little better yeild.
around 210.

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Yes, I usually find that my finished product of pulled pork is about half the pre-cooked weight. I also have found that a 7 lb (pre-cooked weight) butt gives me about 20 sandwiches.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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What I have read says you can expect a 40 - 60% yield depending on the piece of meat. Sounds like you were right in there.
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Thanks for the input. I was just curious about what the "normal" range was. Sounds like I am getting about what I should expect. For what pork butts cost pulled pork is still cheaper than steak. icon_smile.gif
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