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I am planning to smoke a tri-tip this weekend and just looking for a few good rubs or marinades. I am not sure if I want to go with a dry rub or a marinade for it. I tend to lean towards a rub though.

any suggestions?
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You can use Jeff's rub on everything. If you want something simple try this....Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder. apply as much as you want of each spice according to your taste. Experiment with it and have fun with it.
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Deer Meat has the right idea, play around with rubs until you find the one that's good for your taste buds. This won't be your last, so go for it. I usually use a dry rub and let it sit overnight in the fridge. Just before hitting the smoker, I sear the top side, and smoke with the fat cap down. Your call. Good Luck my friend.
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IMHO, tri-tip only needs salt and pepper........although I usually add some garlic pwdr to everything.

Cook it to the same temp you like your steaks(rare, med, well, etc). I like to smoke them at 225 until temp hits 155-160(we like med-well), wrap in foil and let rest for an hour.

Important thing is to slice as thin as possible against the grain.

Tri-tip has a great taste and is hard to mess up. Make some au jus to dip it in and it is great. One of our favorite cuts.

Good luck.
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I have never marinated a Tri-Tip, I have only rubbed it and seared it and smoked it!! Let us know what you decide. I love Tri-Tip!!
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Never done a tri-tip... they don't seem to know what they are around here. I have done all sorts of beef roasts though, and all I do is rub with Jeff's rub, then pack with coarse ground black pepper. I let them sit in the fridge overnight, then next day sear all sides then hit the smoke. I also prepare an au jus for the finale...

Good luck!
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What is a Tri tip. I have seen em cooked( smoked) on TV, but what cut, or part of the animal is it from?icon_question.gif
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When it comes to beef, I like to keep it simple using kosher salt and FRESH cracked/course ground black pepper. For a change up I like to use McCormick's Montreal Steak Seasoning.
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Dan, the tri-tip is one of three sub muscle groups (the smallest) that make up the sirloin. Sometimes they are left whole or sliced into steaks. They can be a bit pricey though. Best if eaten rare or medium rare as they can be a bit dry if cooked med. well or well done.
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I have marinated in Lawery's Steak and Chop. Did my first tri-tip that way and it was the hit of the party (next to the ABT's). Smoked it just like a brisket and it was awesome!!

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Smoked many of them like Stars has, but my favorite way is to season as Dutch recommended, then grill to medium rare. I get then at Costco as a whole roast (smoke), or cut into long, thick strips (1x1x8.. grill).
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Thanks Dutch! Can't find em around here!
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Dan, see if your butcher will order you some in.
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Dutch said it all. I have tried every rub I have thought of, with chile and no chile, herbs and no herbs. Sometimes I have to revert to one of my old sayings, "Simplicity can be Devasting".
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Deer meat hit it right on the head. Just good ole Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder. I made one last weekend just like that and smoked it with oak chunks, and pulled it out at 152 deg. MMMMMMMMM
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