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Welcome aboard Bruce! Lots of good answers here already, you have some decision making to do!

If you are budget driven and cooking capacity is not a big issue, then you can't go wrong with the ECB units, either electric or charcoal. Both will put out some great Q...

Good luck!
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I am amazed at the welcomes here! I belong to two fishing sites, one model rail site and a teardrop site that are very good and never got the welcomes like here. That tells me that when I need an answer I can expect all the help I need. That is great. I am glad I joined.

Everyone has brought up the charcole ECB. Can someone tell me a model number or lead me to more info? I saw a ECB a Walmart that was $28. would this be the one and only or are there differences?

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Went out to Walmart to get that model number and they sold the last two and they couldn't tell me which model it was.

A little back story from the same store. A couple of days ago when I was out there they had a SM gas wide model that sells for $128 which had a badly damaged door. I asked for the manager to see what they would sell it for. I figured I could get a new door under warenty if I was lucky or if the price was low enough I could buy one and still get a great deal.
He said he would take $10 off. I made an offer of $50 and he laughed and walked away not willing to haggle on price. I figured it would be in the clearence dept. soon so I would check back often.

Well today when I went to check the model # of the ECB the damaged one was gone. I asked the clerk and she said it had been sold and said she was sorry because she new I was interested in it and had made an offer. She also stated that the manager sold it to a woman for $50. I said "WHAT"!!! She said, well your not a good looking woman in a short dress. LOL
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Welcome Bruce -

Your definately amoungst friends here! We'll give you more answers than you'll probably want but from different prospectives so weight it all and make your decisions well informed and what's best for you! ENjoy!
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Welcome Bruce to the smf! Great place. Lots to learn even if you kno it all
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