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Poll Results: Do you check Smf before checking your email?

  • 41% (43)
  • 58% (60)
103 Total Votes  
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I frequent the and I own 2 motorcycles and Scotty owns 4.

I don't understand your statement. Do thing there is something wrong with motorcycle sites?

I also frequent a winemaking site, as that is one of my hobbies.
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I used to check my emails first now I check SMF first. After a month and a half of smoking ---------I admit i'm an addict. There I said It.

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I usually set my post to instant notification, so I get an email as soon as there is a new post. I also have my email and SMF open 24/7.
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I have to also admit it I'm a smokaholic. I like it too ans so do the people around me like the food too.
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I check a few sites before I check in @ SMF, not necessarily email. A couple other bbq sites, and a Chicago food site. SMF is probably my 4th or 5th stop.
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Ok ok I admit it I'm addicted, and I blame nobody but myself. I must check this site 50 times a day if not more and there is always something new and interesting to read or look at.
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Okay, fine I like it , like it alot. I have a need to smoke something almost everyday, and I check this site, morning, break and after work all night long. But that doesnt mean I have a problem....... ! I can stop any time I want, really..PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I am with Jim on this one but SMF is probably my third stop & on certain days, my first. It is a mixture.
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dont get me wrong, it may not be the frirst place I check out, but I pop in and out almost all day. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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