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1st Pork Soulder Smoke

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I picked up a 5lb Pork Shoulder picnic today, cut off the skin and then rubbed with mustard and the added dry rub. Its resting in the frig till 9am tomorrow.
Any pointers on smoking one of these?? I read up on them and plan to smoke at 225 -240, smoke till 165 wrap in foil and cook until it hits 195 pull and wrap in towels and rest for 1 hour... Pull and use a finishing sauce and serve.
Does this sound good?
I may spray every hour when it hits 100 with AJ and Morgan mix.. Is this any good? I read this in Meowey's post on pulled pork..

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Sounds like you got it under control!
I'm doing a butt myself in the morning.( not the danceicon_mrgreen.gif )

Be sure to post some Q-Views!
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Good plan bro, don't change a thing!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Stick with your plan. following Meowey's advice is a sure fire way to a successful smoke. That cat turns out some awesome looking Q!
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Hey Bob, I agree with Steve. I have used the Capt Morgan and apple juice on everything I have smoked lately. It gives an excellent flavor. (be sure and ck the spray for tonstisity at regular intervals) icon_redface.giftongue.gif
Also, try the finishing sauce of, SoFlaQuer's, its great. icon_smile.gif
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You have a sound plan. Try the rum. If you find it too sweet I also recommend bourbon in the spray. I like both, the family likes the rum mix, so that's what I use most often. Looking forward to the Q-view!

Enjoy your smoke!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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It looks like you are on the right track to me.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I hope its a sound, the plan is yours .... :)

Sweet is a good thing.. thanks.
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You will be suprised at how good that stuff is, if you follow that plan. I am amazed everytime I do it.
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Don't forget to bake out that skin! yummmmmmm
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DONT FORGET THE Q-VIEWicon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gif
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8:45 and its in a 230 smoker... Damn its 45 outside... I love the fall..
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At noon, I recommend copious application of antifreeze, both to shoulder mop and tongue :{) And it's about noon just off the coast of England, I believe!

Oh BTW I'm a bourbon guy. But whatever neither of 'em freeze - well, easily anyway!
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My wild turkey tells me it's noon somewhere!

Got my butt on this morning @ 6:00am.

Gook luck!
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"Arrested for driving while blind"?

geez I miss the old ZZ
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OK its done...
Started at 8:45 and finished at 4:45pm. 5lb shoulder Rubbed mustard then rub and then wrapped and put in frig till the am. Added more rub and let get warm while I got the fire going.

I used Hickory wood for the smoke until I wrapped in foil, then it was just heat. Tossed on at 8:45am and started spraying every hour with apple juice and Capt Morgan rum mix when it hit 111 around 10:30am.

2:15pm Wrapped in foil when it hit 165

Pulled at 195 and wrapped in towels and put in cold oven.. Rested for 45 min and pulled it.

Very moist and had good flavor, I could not tell if I really tasted the apple and morgan?
I used the finish sauce on this site and it tasted GREAT...
I will be doing this again soon..

I got lucky because I did not have any stalls during the cooking process.
Thanks everyone for the help and info..... Without this site I would be stumbling around and turning out less then perfect smokes..
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Looks good! My butt isn't ready yet and I had a hour or so head start
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