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yuck now what do i do?????? - Page 3

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I agree with shortone 100% !!!
post #42 of 56 guts are hurtin from howlin!!! Yeah....I know what yer sayin! Too good ! LMAO have a good one!
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ahh, c'mon.........i'm eatin' peanuts right now......whatcha talkin' about? icon_mrgreen.gif
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Good point. As we do not need to look at the additional oils and salts that are added to peanuts; just eat them and enjoy !!!
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im buying some head cheese to eat while i make my next batch of sausagePDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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This one should become a sticky in the Jokes. LMFAO
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Just for poops and giggles, did ya' ever wonder who was the "entrepreneur" who first thought of using the intestines of a pig to make sausage? I wonder what his/her hobbies were... eek.gif
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I suppose that's a valid point. But then again, you don't get to smoke it either.
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I am surprised at Scotty. We not only eat scrapple, we have made it also. He loves it as much as I do. ..... Well, maybe not as much. But he didn't spit it out either.icon_rolleyes.gif

Now....ask me what scrapple is?????????PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Casings are like vitamin c compared to scrapple, but MAN, is it GOOD!!! I always get a side of scrapple with a side of extra crispy scrapple.
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Somehow chess and sodoku don't come to mind
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Scrapple sounds like a hot dog in loaf form ;)
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I keep thinking chainsaw juggling or proctology might have been influential hobbies...
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Verrrrry close, Vlap.icon_smile.gif
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Scotty -

You can always peel off the casings - I do. I don't like any casings to eat there just packaging to me. Collagen peels off really easy.
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My problem comes from wanting to do it correctly more than anything else.
I want to know why it continues to happen. Thats what haunts me.
Thanks for your reply.
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