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Thanks for the great laughter your posts brought me
I really needed a good onePDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Just try and think of how good it will taste.........you can get thru thisicon_cool.gif
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If that make's ya woozy...........maybe you would like to come over and help me process this deer i have hangin in the barn!!!PDT_Armataz_01_23.gifPDT_Armataz_01_32.gifPDT_Armataz_01_32.gif
Just kiddin...........PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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@#$% %$#@ joe
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and i love head cheese--figure that one
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angels wingsPDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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i really wont stop eating sausage. i will continue using the casings made from a bulls nertz
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I used to make sausage for a local supermarket. We would clean all of the poop out of the casings and mix it in with the sausage. So I wouldn't worry about it, the casings are clean!!
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i cant seem to stop the casings from splitting when frying
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it has me chucking alsoicon_lol.gif
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Thinking quite a bit about this thread it came to me "Quit thinking about where any of it came from; it all tastes good. The meat (where did that come from?), the seasoning (where did that come from?) and then there is the casings. If you think of some of the areas the meat and or seasonings come from you might not have a problem with the casings. This is just my opinion, but please do not go making a vegatarian out of yourself !!!
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damned rednecks pickin on us city boysicon_smile.gif we never have to clean up anything we shoot
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oops capsfrown.gif
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Whatever you do, don't start eatin' eggs. Come straight out the south end of a north bound yardbird, I hear. And don't ask what part of the McNugget comes from, either. If you don't want to know the answer, don't ask the question. Mystery is the essential ingredient in all sausage. If it grosses you out, hold yer nose, put some good sauce on it, and dig in!
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Scotty, doesn't sound like you would be of much help when it came time to butcher. I am from a family that raised animals from birth to slaughter,processing, and of course eating. And as for casings, we cleaned our own to stuff the sausage into.
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miss rocky is from bensalem and a flyers fan also. im telling her you are sickening.
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You guys got me on the floor again....LMAO ! Scotty don't feel bad. I went to my uncles farm whan I was a kid and he had this dog named scamp who was my buddy. Now I know what you guys are thinkin and no we didn't make casing or eat Scamps nutz! But like I said this dog was my best friend, he ran up to me licking my face and my hands and I was petting him and just having a great time getting reaquinted when I heard this gawd awful screamin commin from the barn! I went to investigate and figured it to be pigs but they sounded like ....real bad! As I walked around the corner I could see my uncles who had this pig stretched out and they were casturating or like you say....making Prairie oysters. The worst part was is that they were throwin the nutz out the barn window and Scamp was eating them like crazy....never EVER let that ole dog lick my face again!
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Hahahahaha, she doesn't have to worry, the supermarket was in Abington!!
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badss, I could handle the dog licking me after eating nuts better than after he has been licking his -------- well you know what dogs do.
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