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Hang in there Bud... we got yer back! PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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If this is smokie style, shouldn't it have been foiled hours go???
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Bubba, I just seared it using Okies ways, I'm gonna get it to 170 and foil it and finish.
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Just a little hint Roger, if that plateau is gettin ya all antsy, foiling a little earlier will help it pull outta that stall a lil faster.........for next time.
Hope were getting pic's of that bad boy!!icon_eek.gifrolleyes.gif
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I did foil early, around 8 last night. finally got it up to 190 and pulled. Didn't eat any last night just to late. Warmed it up this afternoon and sliced it. Turned out pretty tender an tastey. Here's a few pic's.

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Nice bark and smoke ring!
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AwwwwRIGHT! :{)
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Looks great!!!
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